Employment of Church Workers September 2018

Published: September 2018 | Download: (251k)

Synopsis: This is intended as a convenient summary of the current case-law and no more than that. It cannot be emphasised too strongly that employment issues are extremely complex and can only be judged case by case, on the facts.

Employment of church workers - March 2018

Published: March 2018 | Download: (226k)

Synopsis: This is intended as a convenient summary of the current case-law and no more than that. It cannot be emphasised too strongly that employment issues are extremely complex and can only be judged case by case, on the facts.

The Transparency of Lobbying Act 2014

Published: November 2014 | Download: (487k)

Synopsis: The Transparency of Lobbying (etc) Act 2014 places restrictions on the degree to which third-party "lobbyists" (such as charities and church congregations) may engage in non-partisan campaigning in the run-up to an election. The regulated period for political activity in advance of the General Election scheduled for May 2015 has now begun; and this note provides a brief guide to the Act, its possible impact and how to comply with it.

VAT Guide

Published: November 2012 | Download: (502k)

Synopsis: This short guide to VAT updates and replaces CMC Circular No 1997/6 and the Addendum of April 2005. It is intended as a helpful summary of the VAT system as it affects the Churches - and no more than that. The notes are intended to be helpful guidance; however, they are neither approved nor endorsed by HMRC and therefore have no binding force. Decisions in individual cases depend on all the facts and circumstances and the rules relating to VAT can be extremely complex. Any church about to embark on a new venture which might engage VAT (such as building work) should seek professional advice at the outset.

Food hygiene and old jam-jars

Published: October 2012 | Download: (120k)

Synopsis: This issue has hit the national press recently and we thought it might be helpful for members to be easily able to view our original article on this issue along with the latest update.

Chancel Repair Liability

Published: October 2012 | Download: (386k)

Synopsis: A brief note on the issue of chancel repair liabilities.

Bill of human rights - second consultation

Published: August 2012 | Download: (592k)

Synopsis: Members will be aware that the Commission on a Bill of Rights launched a second consultation on 11 July: the consultation ends on 30 September. Though this was probably not an issue on which it would have been appropriate for CLAS to respond collectively, the Secretary has replied to the consultation strictly in a personal capacity and largely in favour of maintaining the status quo.

An occasional events checklist

Published: April 2012 | Download: (123k)

Synopsis: Churches sometimes organise occasional events: parish suppers, discos, concerts, church fetes and the like. The regulation of such events - whether by the local authority or by licensing bodies - is becoming more complex by the year; and this document is intended as a helpful checklist of things that organisers need bear in mind.

Vetting and Barring Scheme

Published: June 2011 | Download: (44k)

Synopsis: The Vetting & Barring Scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is currently under review by the Coalition Government. Pearl Luxon has written the attached helpful analysis of the present state of the Scheme.

The Churches and European Law

Published: December 2010 | Download: (81k)

Synopsis: The position of 'religion' within the constitutional framework of the European Union has been a matter of discussion since at least the 1990s; and various European constitutional documents, such as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the Treaty of Lisbon make undifferentiated references to the religious inheritance of Europe. In addition, protection for 'freedom of thought, conscience and religion' is an important element of the European Convention on Human Rights. This paper attempts to sketch the history of the treatment of 'religion' in the various European constitutional documents and to pull together some of the material in them that provides for the protection of religion in European law.

Chubb Fire Limited contract

Published: August 2010 | Download: (51k)

Synopsis: Fire appliance servicing and supply contract. For many years the churches have had a corporate agreement with Chubb Fire Limited to carry out the maintenance of fire appliances: it has recently been renegotiated and agreed for the next 3 years, expiring on 31 March 2012. Participating churches will benefit from up to 40% discount on the purchase price of new extinguishers and fixed discounts on other associated items.

Taxation of Ministers of religion: a rough guide

Published: July 2009 | Download: (175k)

Synopsis: This Guide supersedes the previous CMC Circulars on the subject. It deals with the implications of income Tax and Capital Gains Tax for ministers of religion by virtue of their office, and does not in general deal with aspects which affect them in the same way as taxpayers at large. What follows is not about non-stipendiary ministers in secular employment. This text has no binding force. It is merely intended to be a very basic introduction to the complexities surrounding the particular tax position of stipendiary ministers. Decisions on individual claims depend upon all the facts and circumstances of the case. Any minister who has doubts about any particular aspect of his or her tax affairs should seek advice from HMRC or from a professional adviser. CLAS cannot in any circumstances advise on the tax affairs of individuals, nor does it accept any liability for any inaccuracy in the information that follows.

Charity Commission visits: report framework

Published: January 2009 | Download: (70k)

Synopsis: A Charity Commission report is compiled on the basis of information provided to the Commission before, during and after a formal Review Visit to the charity in question. Because a Review Visit cannot cover every aspect of a charity's operations, it is based around agreed objectives relating either to particular aspects of the Commission's analysis of background information on the charity or to specific current projects or interests within the Commission.

Fire Safety: a guide for churches

Published: December 2006 | Download: (849k)

Synopsis: This guide was published as a result of new Government Regulations that took effect on 1 October 2005. The Fire Safety Order replaced most fire legislation with one simple Order.


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