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13/01/20 Marriage (Same-sex Couples) and Civil Partnership (Opposite-sex Couples)
13/01/20 Regulation of gambling
13/01/20 Review of hate crime legislation
05/12/19 Historical Institutional Abuse (Northern Ireland) Act 2019
05/12/19 Government response to IICSA recommendation on abuse of trust
30/10/19 Charity Commission: updated safeguarding guidance
04/10/19 Abortion, same-sex marriage and civil partnership
04/10/19 CJEU declares pre-checked boxes for cookie consent illegal
04/10/19 Conservative Party Conference 2019: summary
04/10/19 ICO advice on data protection for charities
04/10/19 Labour Party Conference 2019: summary
23/09/19 Business rates in Northern Ireland: consultation
23/09/19 Charity Commission for Northern Ireland: consultation on Annual Return and registration
23/09/19 CCNI: suspension of new charity registrations
23/09/19 Fees for DBS checks
04/09/19 Charity Commission: inquiry into Birmingham Diocesan Trust
04/09/19 Diocese of Chichester final report
04/09/19 Positions of trust within faith settings
05/06/18 GDPR for small charities and clubs
01/03/18 Charity Commission guidance on protection of vulnerable groups
27/07/17 Trustees responsibilities and safeguarding policy
02/02/17 CCNI warns charities over social media activity during election
20/01/17 Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry
19/01/17 The Charity Commission and the Jehovah's Witnesses
17/01/17 Northern Ireland to hold new elections
16/12/16 IICSA: latest update
11/11/16 NICVA survey of faith-based organisations
25/10/16 Apprenticeship Levy: update
20/10/16 Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: the story continues
01/10/16 Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: further update
29/09/16 Ecclesiastical exemption to be retained
19/09/16 Apprenticeship Levy: first draft regulations
08/09/16 Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: update
25/08/16 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme: common mistakes
28/07/16 Annual reporting guidance
22/07/16 Goddard Inquiry
22/07/16 Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: what next?
18/04/16 EU Referendum
07/04/16 Register of People with Significant Control: update & clarification
05/04/16 Register of People with Significant Control
01/04/16 Apprenticeship Levy: what we know so far
24/03/16 ICO updated guidance on direct marketing
08/03/16 Insurance Premium Tax
19/12/15 CCNI draft accounting and reporting guidance
15/09/15 Land Reform (Scotland) Bill
21/05/15 The new Government
21/05/15 Consultation on community assets legislation
20/05/15 SNP spokespeople
20/05/15 Fake charity scam: Charity Commission alert
14/05/15 HMRC guidance on charitable status for VAT and Gift Aid
12/05/15 The Labour Shadow Cabinet
27/03/15 Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014
26/03/15 Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund
05/02/15 Draft equality guidance for charities
16/01/15 Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
03/07/14 Charity receipts and payments accounts
23/09/13 Interim reporting requirements for registered charities: consultation
10/05/13 THE QUEEN’S SPEECH 2013
Transparency of Lobbying (etc) Bill: update
The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Charity Tribunal
Charities & Charity Law
19/12/19 Charity Commission: reporting a serious incident when it involves a partner
05/12/19 Charity Commission inquiries: Christ Embassy, City Hearts and Kingdom Life Ministries
05/12/19 Charity Commission regulatory compliance case: Downside Abbey General Trust
27/11/19 The new corporate criminal offence: implications for churches
30/10/19 Charity Commission report on charity fraud
30/10/19 Commons Committee on sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector
30/10/19 Updated accounting rules for larger charities
16/10/19 Charity Tribunal: 10-year suspension from trusteeship
04/10/19 Charity Commission removes trustee from Rigpa Fellowship
23/09/19 Charity Commission: campaigning at election time
23/09/19 Charity Commission: guidance
04/09/19 Charity Commission: updated guidance on accounts
06/08/19 Charity Commission: consultation on safeguarding guidance
16/07/19 Charity Commission: display of trustee legal names on the charity register
15/07/19 Charity Commission’s annual report and accounts 2018-19
11/06/19 Charity Commission: report on Oxfam inquiry
10/06/19 Transposition of the EU 5th Money Laundering Directive
23/04/19 Brexit, European elections and non-party campaigners: update
09/04/19 Brexit, European Parliament elections, campaigning and hustings
29/03/19 Charity Commission: Guidance for charities with a connection to a non-charity
18/03/19 For the public benefit?
01/03/19 CCNI: new Commissioners
12/02/19 Charity Commission: statutory inquiry into Birmingham Diocesan Trust
25/01/19 Charity Commission News
02/01/19 Church of England on reporting safeguarding and other serious incidents
19/11/18 Charity Commission: 'Protecting charities from harm' toolkit
19/11/18 Digital Code of Practice for charities
12/11/18 Charity Commission: further changes to Updating Charity Details Service
08/11/18 Charity Commission: changes to the Update Charity Details Service
26/10/18 Charity Commission: changes to the update service
26/10/18 Charity Commission: changing the structure of charities
25/10/18 Charity Commission: updated guidance on safeguarding
17/10/18 Charity Commission: updated guidance on reporting serious incidents
02/10/18 CCNI: proposed action for charities that have failed basic compliance checks
26/09/18 Charity Commission: reliability of charity financial information
25/09/18 Charity Commission: accounts submission reminder
03/09/18 Charity Commission: public benefit reporting requirement for charities
03/09/18 ICO: charities and information risk
31/08/18 Automatic disqualification of charity trustees
24/08/18 Isle of Man Government: consultation on charity law reform
22/08/18 Review of Charities Statement of Recommended Practice
20/08/18 Charity Commission: Annual Return Service
16/08/18 Charity Commission alert: insider fraud threats
09/08/18 Civil Society Strategy published
09/08/18 Charities that are connected with non-charitable organisations consultation
03/08/18 Annual Return 2018: questions
12/07/18 Charity Commission Annual Report and Accounts 2018
04/07/18 NCVO draft code of ethics
02/07/18 Charity Commission: changes to the update charity details service
24/06/18 Automatic disqualification and waiver
22/06/18 Consultation on ICO charge exemptions
19/06/18 CCNI: safeguarding good practice
06/06/18 Charity annual return 2018
15/05/18 Charity Commission: automatic disqualification rules
02/05/18 Trustees and conflicts of interest
30/04/18 New trustee welcome pack
25/04/18 Fundraising Regulator upholds FPS suppression request complaint
19/04/18 Charity Commission safeguarding taskforce - interim report
18/04/18 Citizenship and Civic Engagement report
23/03/18 Alert for charities - CEO fraud
19/03/18 Gift Aid research
13/03/18 The Friends of Blencathra: Charity Commission case report
22/02/18 Civil Society Strategy
13/02/18 Draft guidance for charities working with non-charitable organisations
13/02/18 The charity regulators on safeguarding
10/02/18 Charity Commission and Oxfam
09/02/18 Guidance for charities working internationally
05/02/18 Importance of safeguarding for charities
02/02/18 Trustee automatic disqualification waiver
29/01/18 Charity trustees removed following investigation
26/01/18 Donations from the Presidents Club
26/01/18 New Charity Commission Chair
23/01/18 Charity Commission funding
22/01/18 Protecting charities from fraud
17/01/18 Charities Act 2016 - remaining provisions enacted
08/01/18 Debate on response to Charity Committee report
04/01/18 Use of funds from dormant accounts
03/01/18 Commission responds to consultation on AR18 questions
02/01/18 General Data Protection Regulation FAQs for charities
29/12/17 Converting a charitable company to a CIO
19/12/17 Charity Commission regulatory alert - safeguarding
19/12/17 DCMS response to Lords Charities Committee report
14/12/17 Independent examiner's report template for charity accounts
06/12/17 Charity Commission publishes new safeguarding strategy
28/11/17 Charitable fundraising websites - Westminster Hall debate
27/11/17 Responses to Charity Commission Annual Return consultation
22/11/17 Further guidance for charity auditors and examiners on reporting concerns
15/11/17 English Churches and Cathedrals Sustainability Review
09/11/17 Alcohol at charity meetings and events
03/11/17 Charity Commission to consult on charging for regulation
30/10/17 Survey on charities and insider fraud
25/10/17 Accounts formatting update will not affect eligible charities
19/10/17 Compliance with financial sanctions - charity guidance
13/10/17 Charity Commission regulatory alerts
27/09/17 Online charitable giving
22/09/17 Law Commission project report: technical issues in charity law
07/09/17 Full-time social action review
04/09/17 Charity Commission: updated guidance for independent examiners
29/08/17 Demonstrating a charity's public benefit
25/08/17 Charity Commission 2017 Annual Return service & consultation on 2018 Annual Return
24/08/17 Charity Commission issues official warning
15/08/17 Charities and the voluntary sector: statistics
14/08/17 Charity Commission outreach workshops
11/08/17 Grant-funding non-charitable organisations
19/07/17 Charity Commission removes charity from register
17/07/17 Confirmation Statements on Persons of Significant Control
12/07/17 Review into Islamist extremist activity in the UK
10/07/17 General Data Protection Regulation guidance
06/07/17 Fundraising Preference Service launched
31/05/17 New guidance on trustees’ duties
17/05/17 Serious incident reporting - consultation
15/05/17 Charity Commission warning on Ransomware threat
15/05/17 Charity Commission: the new Chief Executive
11/05/17 New OSCR factsheet on reserves
11/05/17 OSCR guidance on completing online annual returns
09/05/17 Northern Irish charity register
03/05/17 Charity Commission class inquiry into “double defaulters”
21/04/17 Charity accounts and proof of 'public benefit'
19/04/17 HMRC employer webinars for the new tax year
12/04/17 New guidance on matters of material significance
12/04/17 Data protection and derogations from the GDPR
11/04/17 Charitable giving in 2016/17
06/04/17 HMRC updated guidance on GASDS
05/04/17 Data protection: ICO fines more charities for breaching Data Protection Act 1998
04/04/17 Jehovah's Witnesses fail to block New Moston inquiry
26/03/17 House of Lords Select Committee on Charities
16/03/17 Charity Commission: charging for registration
16/03/17 Charity Commission: charity finance guidance updated
15/03/17 Challenging wills: Ilott v Blue Cross
13/03/17 Fundraising Regulator opens registration for non-levy-paying charities
09/03/17 HMRC's 'fit and proper persons' declaration and guidance
03/03/17 Working at height and liability for accidents
09/02/17 Law Commission Bill on charity regulation
02/02/17 Charity Commission to withdraw 'Hallmarks of an Effective Charity'
13/01/17 Charity Commission: due diligence in making grants
13/01/17 Gift Aid: Small Charitable Donations (etc) Bill
13/01/17 Registration of Marriage Bill 2016-17
04/01/17 Charity Commission: annual report on governance
22/12/16 Charity Commission: consultation on the annual charity return
10/12/16 Trustee duties in relation to data protection: update
09/12/16 Freedom of Information and charities
09/12/16 Trustee duties in relation to data protection
08/12/16 New standards for Government grant agreements
23/11/16 Wrongly "qualified" accounts
15/11/16 Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill 2016-17: progress
11/11/16 Gift Aid Donor Benefit Rules: further consultation
11/11/16 Gift Aid donor benefit rules: further consultation
08/11/16 Fundraising and the law
04/11/16 Code of Good Governance: consultation
24/10/16 Fraud prevention
20/10/16 Charity Commission: updated guidance on reporting serious incidents
10/10/16 Fundraising guide for trustees
30/09/16 Charity Commission report on deficient safeguarding procedures: Bristol Community Church Trust
10/09/16 Charity Commission: accounting and reporting templates
03/08/16 Charity Commission: guidance for trustees on taking legal action
03/08/16 Lobbying and political campaigning for charities and trades unions
01/08/16 Charity Commission: interim guidance on social investment
29/07/16 Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016: commencement
20/07/16 Lords Select Committee on Charities
15/07/16 OTS publishes response on GASDS
07/07/16 Fundraising Regulator
01/07/16 Commission's warning power: consultation
29/06/16 Persons with significant control: a reminder
14/06/16 Fundraising guidance and regulation
03/06/16 Charity Commission consultation on external scrutiny of charity accounts (CC32)
25/05/16 Political activity by charities: Gladstone's Library and the Charity Commission
25/05/16 Power to disqualify trustees: consultation
20/05/16 Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016: implementation plan
19/05/16 Matters of material significance: consultation
27/04/16 Gift Aid
19/04/16 EU Referendum: update
01/04/16 Converting to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation
08/03/16 Register of persons with significant control
07/03/16 EU referendum guidance
07/03/16 Planning fees and churches
22/02/16 Change of details form (ChV1) now online
17/02/16 Draft guidance on grant-funding non-charitable organisations
15/02/16 Common Reporting Standard for financial institutions
11/02/16 Briefing on regulation of fundraising in Northern Ireland
11/02/16 Consultation on regulation of fundraising in Scotland
29/01/16 Charity Commission: updated financial guidance for trustees
05/12/15 Charities to move to FRS 102 SORP from 2016
13/11/15 Charity Commission advice for trustees
06/11/15 Churches and charities given exemption on use of old envelopes
22/10/15 HMRC publishes new model Gift Aid Declarations
13/10/15 Campaigning by charities
12/10/15 Charity Commission guidance on whistleblowing rights for charity employees
20/07/15 Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill
09/07/15 BUDGET 2015 Mk2
09/07/15 The Essential Trustee
18/06/15 Charity SORP consultation
10/06/15 Charities (Protection and Social Investment)Bill: second reading
04/06/15 SORP: consultation on revision
21/05/15 Discrimination in service provision: Ashers Baking Co Ltd
27/03/15 Charity reporting and accounting: the essentials
27/03/15 Protection of Charities Bill: the Government's response to the Joint Committee
26/03/15 The Essential Trustee: Charity Commission consultation response
07/03/15 Charity Commission Annual Return: information on religious charities for 2016?
06/03/15 Charities funding non-charitable bodies
04/03/15 Charity Commission Annual Return: 2015 template
03/03/15 Law Commission project on charity law
25/02/15 HMRC charity registration
25/02/15 Joint Committee report on the Draft Protection of Charities Bill
18/02/15 Charity audit and independent examination: update
16/12/14 Draft Protection of Charities Bill
09/12/14 Audit and independent examination of charities: consultation
09/12/14 Charities and trading
03/12/14 The Chancellor's Autumn Statement
25/11/14 Charity Commission: consultation on The Essential Trustee
25/11/14 Draft Protection of Charities Bill: update
25/11/14 The Essential Trustee - Charity Commission Consultation
13/11/14 Electoral Commission guidance on Transparency of Lobbying (etc) Act 2014: update
13/11/14 Setting up a new charity
04/11/14 Charity Commission reminder: reporting serious incidents
23/10/14 Charity Commission: changes to the Annual Return
23/10/14 Draft Protection of Charities Bill: a brief analysis
16/09/14 Charity Commission guidance on public benefit
15/09/14 Charity Commission guidance: linking charities
02/09/14 Charity Commission: reporting serious incidents
27/08/14 Charity property transactions
24/08/14 Charities and society lotteries
14/08/14 Protection of Charities Bill
07/08/14 Charities with net liabilities
24/07/14 Charities and society lotteries
24/07/14 Electoral Commission webinars on non-party campaigner rules
18/07/14 Exclusive Brethren
16/07/14 Charity SORPs published
15/07/14 Charity Commission: revised guidance for Common Investment/Common Deposit Funds
15/07/14 Electoral Commission webinars on non-party campaigner rules
14/07/14 Electoral Commission guidance for non-party campaigners
23/05/14 Charities Online demonstrator: latest updates
23/05/14 Revised conflicts of interest guidance published
24/04/14 Law Commission charity law project: update and social investment review
17/04/14 Charity Commission appoints new Chief Executive
04/04/14 Charity Commission updates annual return form and guidance
31/03/14 SORP: analysis of responses to the consultation
06/03/14 Transparency of Lobbying (etc) Act 2014: update
17/02/14 Excepted charities: seven-year extension
17/02/14 Late filing – again
17/02/14 Introduction to charity registration
17/02/14 OSCR Corporate Plan: consultation on strategic aims
13/02/14 Charity Commission regulatory powers: consultation update
13/02/14 Common Deposit Funds: Charity Commission consultation
13/02/14 Charities Act annual return provisions: commencement
16/01/14 Charity Commission regulatory powers: NAO reports and consultation
16/01/14 Total return investment for permanently endowed charities: Charity Commission guidance
16/01/14 HMRC publishes updated Fit and Proper Persons Guidance
09/01/14 Preston Down Trust and the Exclusive Brethren
22/11/13 HMRC publishes updated Fit and Proper Persons Guidance
29/09/13 Trusts (Capital and Income) Act 2013: commencement completed
26/09/13 Late filing by charities
16/09/13 Charity Commission public benefit guidance
06/09/13 CCNI draft interim reporting proposals for registered charities
05/09/13 The Hodgson and PASC reports: the Government response
06/08/13 SORP exposure draft help-sheets
31/07/13 CCNI guidance on public benefit
18/07/13 Charity law in Jersey: consultation
27/05/13 Press regulation and charity blogs: update
09/05/13 Preston Down Trust: further stay of proceedings
26/04/13 Total return investment: consultation on draft regulations
25/03/13 Press regulation and charity blogs
29/01/13 Preston Down – update
18/12/12 Charitable Incorporated Organisations
18/12/12 Preston Down: an update
05/12/12 Government interim response to the Hodgson Review
14/09/12 Public benefit and the Charity Commission’s consultation: a reminder
14/09/12 Charities Bill
25/07/12 Exclusive Brethren to appeal loss of charitable status
20/07/12 National Audit Office: “Regulating charities: a landscape review”
17/07/12 Small Charitable Donations Bill: Public Reading stage
16/07/12 Charities (Exception from Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
16/07/12 Hodgson Review of the Charities Act 2006
06/07/12 Reporting Serious Incidents: guidance for trustees
28/06/12 Charity Commission consultation on public benefit
28/06/12 Charity Commission review of the Register of Charities
26/06/12 Cookies: Information Commissioner's policy
30/04/12 Charitable Incorporated Organisations
22/02/12 Charities Act review: consultation events
22/02/12 Charities Act review: calls for evidence
22/02/12 Trusts with a restricted class of beneficiaries
03/02/12 Accounting standards
03/02/12 Charity Commission Risk Framework
14/12/11 Cy-près schemes
23/11/11 Charities Act 2006: The Hodgson Review
23/11/11 Governance for smaller charities
04/11/11 Charity Commission investment guidance for trustees
20/10/11 “Charitable purposes”
20/10/11 Charitable Incorporated Organisations: update
14/09/11 Excepted and exempt charities
14/09/11 Equality Act: Charity Commission summary guidance
27/06/11 Risk and small charities
17/06/11 Hodgson Review
17/06/11 Guidance on political campaigning - Northern Ireland
16/06/11 Model governing documents
07/06/11 Holding, transferring and receiving funds
06/05/11 Charitable Incorporated Organisations guidance
06/05/11 Charities SORP, charity accounts and reports
06/05/11 Charities working internationally
06/05/11 Charity Tribunal: Catholic Care
06/05/11 Fraud and Financial Crime
06/05/11 Managing charity assets and resources
06/05/11 Regulation of excepted and exempt charities
04/04/11 Audit practice
24/03/11 Charities Acts consolidation
24/03/11 Charity Commission future strategy review: update
24/03/11 Fit and proper person test: updated guidance
21/01/11 Charities and political campaigning
21/01/11 Excepted and exempt charities
10/01/11 Equality Act: Commission guidance update
10/01/11 Trustee toolkit
10/01/11 Trustee reporting
21/12/10 Charities and investment
21/12/10 Small charities
21/12/10 SORP, charity accounts and reports
21/12/10 Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008 amendment: update
18/11/10 Charity registration timetable
21/10/10 Public benefit and education
21/10/10 CCNI draft Corporate Plan
07/10/10 Equality Act 2010: Charity Commission guidance
07/10/10 Liberal Democrat consultation on the voluntary sector
07/10/10 Northern Ireland Charities Act timetable
17/09/10 Charity Commission consultation on on-line services
17/09/10 Charity Commission updates for smaller and faith-based charities
23/07/10 Accounting standards consultation
23/07/10 Charity Commission guidance on public benefit: Attorney General’s reference
19/07/10 Public benefit
19/07/10 Paying trustees
19/07/10 Exempt charities: accounts and land transactions
25/06/10 Charity Commission guidance on fundraising
25/06/10 Reporting Serious Incidents guidance for trustees
25/06/10 Charity Commission for Northern Ireland work update
22/06/10 Charities and CRB checks
22/06/10 Financial guidance for charities
08/06/10 Trustees' expenses
17/05/10 Charity Commission for Northern Ireland: registration time-line
23/04/10 Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007: Catholic Care
16/04/10 Accruals accounts
16/04/10 Charities Act 2006: updated implementation plan
16/04/10 Draft Trusts (Capital and Income) Bill
09/03/10 Charity Commission guidance for trustees
09/03/10 SORP and heritage assets
17/02/10 Office of the Third Sector
02/02/10 Annual return: reporting serious incidents
02/02/10 Charities and elections
02/02/10 Registration of religious organisations
02/02/10 Direct debit fraud
19/01/10 Registration of religious organisations
17/12/09 Charity reporting and accounting: SORP
19/11/09 Public charitable collections
19/11/09 Risk-management for trustees
05/11/09 Accounting standards
05/11/09 Charitable Incorporated Organisations: update
05/11/09 Model constitution for small charities
05/11/09 Public benefit
15/10/09 Public benefit: Northern Ireland
28/09/09 Charitable Incorporated Organisations: progress on the consultation
28/09/09 Charities and political parties
28/09/09 Charity collaborations and mergers
28/09/09 Single-congregation LEPs
17/09/09 Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008: implementation
11/09/09 Charities Acts consolidation
11/09/09 Company charities: audit and independent examination
11/09/09 HMRC and Companies House: joint on-line filing
11/09/09 Public benefit: Northern Ireland
04/08/09 Charity pooled funds consultation
23/07/09 Charity Commission: Single Equality Scheme
23/07/09 Public benefit reporting
17/07/09 Public benefit reporting
16/07/09 Public benefit: Charity Commission assessments
13/07/09 Charity Commission relocation
13/07/09 Accounting for public funds
13/07/09 AGMs and disruptions caused by unforeseeable circumstances
13/07/09 Reporting serious incidents
13/07/09 Charity Fund-Raising Regulations (England and Wales)
13/07/09 Registration update
13/07/09 Religion and the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations
13/07/09 Charity Commission
22/04/09 Financial thresholds
22/04/09 Charities legislation (Ireland)
24/03/09 Charities and public benefit: example annual reports
23/02/09 Charity Commission survey of mosques
23/02/09 The size of the religious charitable sector
18/12/08 Charity Commission guidance on public benefit
18/12/08 The Advancement of Religion for the Public Benefit
10/12/08 Charitable collections
10/12/08 Charity Commission: public benefit examples
10/12/08 Charity trustees: codes of conduct
10/12/08 Governing documents
21/11/08 Public benefit: duties of trustees
21/11/08 Public Benefit and the Advancement of Religion: summary of consultation responses
21/11/08 Public Benefit and Fee-charging: summary of consultation responses
21/11/08 Public Benefit and the Prevention or Relief of Poverty: summary of consultation responses
01/10/08 Charity Commission: charities and accountability
01/10/08 Charity Commission: on-line register
17/09/08 Charities Acts: consultation on reporting and financial thresholds
11/09/08 Charitable Incorporated Organisations
11/09/08 Excepted and exempt charities: registration
11/09/08 Public benefit: advancement of ethical or moral belief-systems
11/09/08 Charities Act (Northern Ireland)
21/08/08 Charitable companies: review of Memorandum and Articles
15/07/08 Charities and the Human Rights Act 1998
03/07/08 Advancement of religion and public benefit
03/07/08 Complaints about charities
03/07/08 Conflicts within charities
03/07/08 Trustees: payment
03/07/08 Trustees: reporting serious incidents
08/04/08 Charities Act 2006: Third and Fourth Commencement Orders
08/04/08 Charities (Accounts and Reports) Regulations 2008
29/02/08 Registration: online application service
10/09/07 Charities: excepted status
07/09/07 Advancement of religion
03/09/07 Charity accounts: independent examination
03/09/07 Charity Commission: response to Government review on terrorist abuse
03/09/07 Charities in English and Scots law
06/08/07 Breakthrough Britain
06/08/07 Charity accounts
04/07/07 Annual returns: deregistration
04/07/07 Audit, accounting and reporting consultation
04/07/07 Charity reporting and accounting
04/07/07 Charity Commission Decision Review and Complaints and Customer Feedback consultation
02/04/07 Charity Law Reform
31/03/05 Charities Bill
31/03/05 Accounting: SORP
17/12/04 Charity law reform
15/12/03 Charity law reform
25/07/03 Charity law reform
31/01/02 Charity law review
30/11/00 Charities Act: excepted status
Statement of Recommended Practice for accruals accounts
Charity Commission regulatory powers: NAO reports and consultation
Total return investment for permanently endowed charities: Charity Commission guidance
Employment & Volunteering
13/01/20 National Living Wage increase
19/12/19 Forstater employment tribunal
30/10/19 BEIS: enhanced protections for workers facing workplace discrimination
30/10/19 EHRC: Non-Disclosure Agreements
30/10/19 Office-holders and whistleblowers: Gilham
04/09/19 Part-time working and holiday pay: update
13/08/19 Part-time working and holiday pay
19/07/19 Compensation for flexible workers and a new labour market enforcement body
19/07/19 Parental leave
15/07/19 Consultation on sick pay for lowest paid
05/03/19 Consultation on extending off-payroll working to the private sector
26/02/19 National Minimum Wage and 'sleep-in' careworkers
21/02/19 Powers of employment tribunals: Government guidance
13/02/19 Religious discrimination in employment: Gan Menachem v De Groen
11/02/19 Job Evaluation Systems: Feedback Requested
25/01/19 Pregnancy and parental leave: consultation
22/01/19 Modern slavery
14/01/19 Employment changes 2019
07/01/19 HMRC maternity, adoption and paternity calculator
02/11/18 Leave on the death of a child
11/10/18 Race Disparity Audit
09/10/18 Modern Slavery Debate Westminster Hall
26/09/18 Modern Slavery
11/09/18 The Genuine Occupational Requirement again
17/08/18 HMRC instructs social care providers to continue back-pay self-assessment
08/08/18 Unison seeks permission to appeal Mencap case
13/07/18 Court of Appeal overturns sleep-in shift ruling in Mencap case
26/06/18 Apprenticeship levy transfers
13/06/18 Employee, worker or contractor? Pimlico Plumbers
13/06/18 Research Briefing on the introduction of IR35 in the private sector
07/06/18 The Charity workforce in post-Brexit Britain
30/05/18 Religion or belief discrimination at work
18/04/18 Religion and the "Genuine Occupational Requirement"
06/04/18 New rules for Optional Remuneration Arrangements
06/04/18 Open University report on Apprenticeship Levy
28/02/18 Apprenticeship Levy
19/02/18 Employment of church workers - February 2018
07/02/18 Government response to the Taylor Review
06/02/18 Holliday Review of full-time volunteering publishes report
29/11/17 Employment status and holiday pay
02/11/17 One-year delay in abolition of class 2 National Insurance Contributions
01/11/17 Sleep-in shift pay compliance scheme for social care workers
26/10/17 Payroll software update for Benefits in Kind
05/09/17 Monitoring employees' use of the internet and e-mail
30/08/17 Pension re-enrolment
21/08/17 Employment status and entitlement to statutory holiday pay
26/07/17 Supreme Court rules employment tribunal fees unlawful
11/07/17 Taylor review of modern employment practices published
25/04/17 Consultation on the operation of multi-employer pension schemes
17/03/17 Dismissing a minister of religion
02/03/17 Checking employment status
19/02/17 Gender pay-gap reporting
09/02/17 Resident labour market test for Tier 2 (Minister of Religion)
07/02/17 No change to employment status of volunteers
01/02/17 Law Commission recommendations on disclosure of certain criminal convictions and cautions
30/01/17 Health and Safety - a reminder
19/01/17 Apprenticeship Levy - devolution issues
13/12/16 Apprenticeship Levy
13/12/16 Who or what is the Fundraising Regulator?
08/12/16 Pemberton v Inwood: correction
08/12/16 Pemberton v Inwood
01/10/16 National Minimum Wage increases
14/06/16 Apprenticeship Levy guidance timeline
29/02/16 Regulatory Alert: charities engaged in commercial activities
04/02/16 Apprenticeship Levy - policy paper
02/02/16 Sunday trading extension
17/01/16 Preparing for the National Living Wage
13/01/16 Private e-mails at work
11/01/16 Guidance for employers on new NICs reporting requirements
21/12/15 National Minimum Wage: volunteers and interns
01/12/15 Clergy discipline and employment rights: Károly Nagy v Hungary
19/11/15 The Pemberton case
05/10/15 EHRC review of equality and human rights law relating to religion or belief
04/10/15 Parental leave to be extended to working grandparents
01/07/15 ACAS guidance on paying staff
26/05/15 Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015: commencement
02/04/15 Shared parental leave
11/02/15 Pension pots: automatic transfer
01/12/14 EC consultation on a review of the Working Time Directive
04/11/14 National Minimum Wage Regulations 2014
04/11/14 Time off to accompany pregnant partner to antenatal appointments
04/11/14 Holiday pay and overtime
01/11/14 Shared parental leave
28/10/14 When is "employment" employment?
14/08/14 EHRC call for evidence on religion and belief
29/07/14 Code of practice for defined benefit pensions comes into force
29/07/14 Office of Tax Simplification employment status project
29/07/14 Code of practice for defined benefit pensions comes into force
29/07/14 Office of Tax Simplification employment status project
30/06/14 Right to flexible working
23/05/14 Preventing illegal working
06/05/14 Post-employment victimisation
27/03/14 Employment Allowance arrangements
06/03/14 DBS: updated referral guide
06/03/14 HMRC Emnployer Bulletin
13/02/14 Working at height: HSE guidance
11/12/13 Employers cannot merely rubber-stamp health advisers' opinions
07/12/13 Clergy employment in the Church of England: Sharpe v Worcester DBF
20/08/13 Pensions: automatic enrolment and medium employers
27/03/13 Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS): updates
21/03/13 Equality Act: EHRC guidance for small businesses
18/12/12 Volunteers are not employees
14/09/12 Age discrimination
27/07/12 Unclaimed sick leave: compensation
16/07/12 Trustees, clergy and vicarious liability
28/06/12 Home Office guidance on disclosure and barring
26/06/12 Equality Act 2010: employer liability for third party harassment of employees
26/06/12 Low Pay Commission and the National Minimum Wage
26/06/12 Preventing illegal working
26/06/12 Sickness while on annual leave
30/04/12 Age discrimination in employment
30/04/12 Recruitment: rights to information of unsuccessful candidates
30/03/12 Employment Law Review: dismissal of employees
30/03/12 National Minimum Wage: changes
22/02/12 Clergy employment: Sharpe v Worcester DBF and Church of England freeholders
13/02/12 Extending fixed-term contracts
13/02/12 Health & safety: office risk assessment
13/02/12 Working Time Directive, paid holiday and sick leave
03/02/12 Health and safety guidance
03/02/12 Pensions: automatic enrolment update
16/01/12 Clergy employment: are Methodist ministers employees or office-holders?
16/01/12 CRB checks: charging volunteers
13/12/11 Employment law consultations: outcome and further consultations
23/11/11 Pensions Act 2011
20/10/11 Holiday pay calculations
20/10/11 National Minimum Wage
20/10/11 Unfair dismissal
14/09/11 Employing subcontractors
14/09/11 Volunteers and private hire vehicle licensing: guidance
20/07/11 Religion and belief in the workplace
20/06/11 Employment status of organists
17/06/11 National Minimum Wage
03/06/11 Age discrimination
03/06/11 Health and Safety Review: update
03/06/11 Parental leave - again
03/06/11 Review of employment law
06/05/11 Age discrimination
06/05/11 Health and safety: managing low risk
06/05/11 National Minimum Wage
03/05/11 Case-law on church employment
04/04/11 Clergy employment
24/03/11 Additional Statutory Paternity Pay
24/03/11 Equality Act 2010: definition of disability
24/03/11 Health and Safety: RIDDOR consultation
25/01/11 Employees, income tax and 'local religious centres'
21/01/11 Default Retirement Age abolition
21/01/11 Parental leave arrangements
21/01/11 Pensions Bill
21/01/11 Public sector equality duty
21/01/11 Statutory payment rates
10/01/11 National Minimum Wage
07/12/10 Pregnant Workers Directive
06/12/10 Government Equality Strategy
18/11/10 Pensions Protection Levy
25/10/10 Vetting and barring review
21/10/10 Compulsory retirement and EU law
21/10/10 Dismissal: effective date of termination
21/10/10 Pensions and the ‘employer debt’ rules
21/10/10 Vetting and barring: Scottish lists
07/10/10 Flexible working
17/09/10 Equality Act 2010: commencement
17/09/10 Public sector equality duty
17/09/10 Unfair dismissal, compensation and ability to pay
30/07/10 Default Retirement Age abolition
19/07/10 Pregnancy and maternity leave
19/07/10 Retirement and pensionable age
19/07/10 Equality Act 2010: summary guides
25/06/10 National Minimum Wage
08/06/10 Equality Act 2010: the basics
08/06/10 Equality Act 2010: marriage and gender reassignment
17/05/10 Safeguarding
23/04/10 Equality Act 2010: update
23/04/10 Clergy as employees: Macdonald v Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
16/04/10 'Fit notes'
16/04/10 Right to request training
09/03/10 Paternity leave
02/02/10 Agency Workers Regulations 2010
02/02/10 Compulsory retirement
02/02/10 Disciplinary proceedings: right to legal representation
02/02/10 Equality Bill: marriage involving person of acquired gender
02/02/10 Equality Bill: employment by religious organisations
02/02/10 Parental leave: update
02/02/10 Right to request training
22/12/09 Fixed-term contracts
17/12/09 Equal treatment
17/12/09 National Minimum Wage
19/11/09 Harassment and violence in the workplace
19/11/09 Volunteering and discrimination on grounds of religion or belief
05/11/09 Default retirement age review: update
05/11/09 Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003
05/11/09 Indirect discrimination
05/11/09 Volunteering and disability discrimination
05/11/09 Vetting and barring
28/09/09 Compulsory retirement and the Equal Treatment Directive
28/09/09 National Minimum Wage, tips and service charges
28/09/09 Parental leave
28/09/09 Sick leave and the Working Time Directive
11/09/09 Equality and Human Rights Commission: gender pay differentials reporting
11/09/09 Charities: defined benefit pension schemes
11/09/09 Parental leave
23/07/09 Default retirement age review
23/07/09 National Talent Bank
23/07/09 Development and coastal change
16/07/09 Clergy terms and conditions: update
13/07/09 Clergy terms and conditions
13/07/09 Equality Duty consultation
13/07/09 National Minimum Wage
13/07/09 Workplace pensions
01/05/09 ACAS Code of Practice
01/05/09 Working Time Directive
22/04/09 National Minimum Wage: HMRC enforcement and prosecutions
22/04/09 Worker Registration Scheme
23/02/09 Business Link: employment law
21/11/08 Employment status: employed or self-employed?
21/11/08 Volunteering and benefits
01/10/08 National Minimum Wage
01/10/08 Time off for voluntary work
24/07/08 Employment Bill
15/07/08 Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003
03/07/08 Discipline and grievance procedures: Acas draft Code of Practice
03/07/08 Equality proposals
03/07/08 Volunteering: CRB check
03/07/08 Volunteering: risk toolkit
08/04/08 Sex discrimination
08/04/08 Independent Safeguarding Authority, CRB checks and safeguarding policy
29/02/08 Organists
29/02/08 Employment law: compliance
03/09/07 Employment guide for faith-based charities
03/09/07 Health and safety: corporate liability
06/08/07 Employee verification
06/08/07 Holiday entitlement
06/08/07 Statutory Sick Pay and agency workers
04/07/07 Pensions: contracting out
23/07/04 Employment rights for clergy
15/12/03 Employment status of ministers of religion
25/07/03 Employment Equality Regulations
20/12/02 Employment status of ministers of religion
20/12/02 Equality and diversity
C of E freehold incumbents are not employees
Environmental and rural affairs
18/12/12 Review of the Environment Agency and Natural England
04/02/11 The Rural Big Society
17/09/10 Coastal Access Reports (Consideration and Modification Procedure) (England) Regulations 2010
17/09/10 Rural policy
30/07/10 Defra environmental policy consultation
16/04/10 Coastal access
19/11/09 Coastal access: Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009
01/05/09 Coastal access
10/12/08 Coastal access
21/11/08 Rural housing
01/10/08 Coastal access
02/05/08 Draft Marine Bill: inquiry into coastal access provisions
06/08/07 Coastal access
04/07/07 Coastal access
30/11/00 Climate change levy
Coastal access
14/05/18 Revised Directive on energy efficiency of buildings
17/04/18 New Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
22/09/17 The Prime Minister's Florence speech: the main points
24/06/13 EU guidelines on the promotion and protection of freedom of religion or belief
25/10/10 Italy: possible breach of state aid rules
17/09/10 Succession and wills: update
08/06/10 Succession and wills: update
17/12/09 Law of succession, gifts inter vivos and clawback
13/07/09 Copyright: extension of copyright term for music recordings
18/05/09 Law of succession, gifts inter vivos and clawback
15/07/08 Protection from discrimination outside the workplace
15/05/08 Churches and lobbying
Faith and Society
13/01/20 Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill
13/01/20 Gender recognition
13/01/20 Opposite-sex civil partnerships
13/01/20 Second Church Estates Commissioner
16/12/19 Marriage of same-sex couples
10/12/19 Marriage and civil partnership in England and Wales
16/10/19 Home Office independent review of Prevent: call for evidence
23/09/19 UK Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief
04/09/19 Gambling inquiries
04/09/19 Marriage registration in England and Wales: follow-up
13/08/19 Marriage registration in England and Wales
23/07/19 Abortion law and same-sex marriage
16/07/19 National Lottery: consultation on raising the minimum age to 18
10/07/19 Extending civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples: next steps consultation
08/07/19 Review of FCO support for persecuted Christians
02/07/19 Dissolution and Separation Bill
01/07/19 Law Commission: wedding law in England & Wales
30/06/19 Assistance with child burial and cremation costs in England
06/06/19 Consultation on surrogacy law
03/06/19 Regulation of pre-paid funeral plans – consultation
02/05/19 IICSA: new investigation into child protection in religious organisations and settings
26/04/19 IICSA and mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse: update
09/04/19 ‘No-fault’ divorce in England & Wales
09/04/19 Government response to consultation on crematoria provision
27/03/19 Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc.) Act 2019
21/03/19 Modern slavery
18/03/19 Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc.) Bill
14/03/19 Electoral law and 'hustings'
14/03/19 Electoral law and ‘hustings’: a reminder
08/03/19 Fees for criminal record checks
27/02/19 Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc.) Bill
26/02/19 Non-stun slaughter and organic labelling
04/02/19 Becoming registered advisors to EU citizens when they apply to settle in the UK
01/02/19 Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Death: Second Reading and Committee Stage
14/01/19 Child Care and when to register in England, Wales, and Scotland
19/12/18 Candles and fire precautions
13/12/18 Organ donation and religious sensitivities
10/12/18 'Religious' content in civil wedding ceremonies?
03/12/18 DfE: consultation on voluntary code of practice for out-of-school educational settings
22/11/18 Lords debate on humanist wedding ceremonies
16/11/18 Church of England announces 2019 parochial fees
12/11/18 MHCLG launches Faith Leader Training Initiative
12/11/18 Christians in Parliament consultation on 'Being a Christian in the UK Today'
01/11/18 Wedding Law Review
26/10/18 Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill
17/10/18 House of Lords debates religious intolerance and prejudice
16/10/18 Government publishes updated Hate Crime Action Plan
02/10/18 Civil Partnerships
25/09/18 Abortion law: Commons committee inquiry
15/09/18 Consultation on no-fault divorce
07/09/18 Non-party campaigning at elections
06/09/18 Government to re-examine the case for no-fault divorce
21/08/18 Government consults on use of torture
13/08/18 Rough sleeping strategy
17/07/18 Governance of C of E cathedrals
12/07/18 Modern slavery
10/07/18 Door-to-door preaching, the Court of Justice and the GDPR
03/07/18 Gender Recognition Act consultation
28/06/18 Humanist weddings in Northern Ireland
28/06/18 Opposite-sex civil partnerships in England and Wales
17/06/18 Assisted dying
13/06/18 Blasphemy law in Ireland
01/06/18 Regulation for funeral plan providers
18/05/18 Civil partnerships
15/05/18 Proposed new Government guidance on religious symbols at work
21/03/18 The Seal of the Confessional?
20/03/18 Joint commitment on improving safeguarding standards
15/03/18 The Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper
23/02/18 Ecumenical Marriage Bill [Lords]
03/02/18 'Cab rank' rule for coronial investigations to be reviewed
02/02/18 Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc.) Bill
01/02/18 Out-of-school education settings and Ofsted
01/02/18 Sharia law in England and Wales: report of the independent review
23/01/18 Reuse of graves
19/01/18 Understanding Spiritual Abuse in Christian Communities
29/12/17 Report on Cathedrals and their Communities
20/12/17 Rural post offices
14/12/17 Law Commission 13th Programme of Law Reform
12/12/17 Organ donation - presumed consent
07/12/17 Cohabitation, unregistered weddings and opposite-sex civil partnerships
07/12/17 Faith leaders give evidence on Citizenship and Civic Engagement
07/11/17 Consultation on Gender Recognition
26/10/17 Review of marriage law to be postponed
17/10/17 New initiative on eradicating modern slavery launched
09/10/17 Organ donation – presumed consent
09/10/17 No-fault divorce?
03/05/17 Religious charities and social action
21/02/17 Opposite-sex civil partnerships? Not just yet
23/01/17 Equality and Human Rights Commission - religion or belief resources
18/01/17 Unsafe memorials in cemeteries
17/01/17 Ten Minute Rule bill on burial rights reform
22/11/16 Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: latest update
22/11/16 Independent review of the George Bell case
15/11/16 Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: latest update
26/07/16 Places of worship security funding scheme
26/07/16 Security advice from the National Police Chiefs' Council
22/07/16 Counter-extremism and out-of-school education settings
10/07/16 Out-of-school education settings
27/06/16 Self-care and mental health
22/01/16 Out-of-school education settings: update
17/12/15 Marriage law reform in England and Wales
14/12/15 Cremation consultation
08/12/15 Living with Difference: the report of the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life
08/12/15 Marriage registration in England & Wales
28/11/15 Out-of-school education settings: call for evidence
26/11/15 Out-of-school education settings
22/07/15 Incense as a psychoactive substance?
16/07/15 Lords debate on freedom of religion and belief
12/07/15 Faith Minister's identity revealed
01/07/15 Law Commission preliminary consultation on marriage law
11/06/15 Who is My Neighbour? - The Lords debate the House of Bishops' pastoral letter
27/05/15 Assisted suicide
26/05/15 Assisted dying - again
12/05/15 New Second Church Estates Commissioner
01/03/15 Immigration Act 2014
07/02/15 Assisted dying in Canada
16/01/15 Local Government (Religious etc. Observances) Bill
15/01/15 Buildings registered for marriages: frequently asked questions
24/11/14 Impending changes to marriage notice in England and Wales
12/11/14 Assisted Dying Bill
04/11/14 Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Act
30/09/14 Lobbying, churches and charities: a briefing note
29/07/14 NHS England Chaplaincy Guidelines
18/07/14 Assisted Dying Bill
18/07/14 Assisted Dying Bill
18/07/14 NHS England Chaplaincy Guidelines
26/06/14 Review of civil partnership in England and Wales
26/06/14 Marriages by non-religious belief organisations: consultation
06/03/14 Coroner Services
13/02/14 Civil Partnerships Consultation
17/01/14 Human Rights, B&B and same-sex couples
01/01/14 Defamation Act 2013 and church websites and blogs
13/11/13 “Guidebook for The Clergy”
10/10/13 Registration of shared religious buildings for same-sex marriages
25/07/12 Scotland to introduce same-sex marriage
26/06/12 Draft Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill
30/03/12 Assisted suicide
30/03/12 Same-sex marriage consultation: update
22/02/12 Prayers at council meetings: update
13/02/12 Prayers at council meetings
03/02/12 Civil partnership ceremonies and equal civil marriage
16/01/12 Assisted suicide: Demos Commission on Assisted Dying
04/11/11 Civil partnerships on religious premises
27/06/11 Equality, religion and belief
27/06/11 Government and faith-communities
03/06/11 ACEVO Commission on the Big Society
03/06/11 Gambling
06/05/11 Registration of civil partnerships
06/05/11 Northern Ireland economy
04/04/11 Civil partnerships on religious premises: England and Wales
24/03/11 Rough sleeping: update
21/01/11 “Big Society” and faith communities
21/01/11 Child poverty
21/01/11 Sperm and egg donation: HFEA consultation
21/01/11 Sunday opening of large shops
10/01/11 Commission on Assisted Dying
10/01/11 Forthcoming Lords debate on Christianity: correction
07/12/10 Burial law
06/12/10 End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill
21/10/10 'Building and Supporting a Stronger Civil Society'
07/10/10 Same-sex marriage
17/09/10 Easing the bureaucracy around faith-based organisations
17/09/10 Rough sleeping: update
23/07/10 Rough sleeping
19/07/10 Civil partnerships
19/07/10 EU Commissioner Andor on churches as partners in combating poverty
25/06/10 Rough sleeping
16/04/10 Faith Leadership in Government Fund
16/04/10 Marriage (Wales) Act 2010
19/01/10 DCLG faith advisers’ panel
22/12/09 Equality Bill
22/12/09 Equality Bill: gender reassignment and religious marriage
17/12/09 Racial discrimination
28/09/09 Equality Bill
11/09/09 Birth registration: rights for female couples
11/09/09 Burial law
04/08/09 Leafleting in town centres
23/07/09 Pandemic influenza: communion in both kinds
16/07/09 Equality Bill
13/07/09 Equality Bill
18/05/09 Equality Bill
01/05/09 Re-use of graves
22/04/09 'Unsung Heroes'
24/03/09 Ministry of Justice Burials and Cemeteries Advisory Group
24/03/09 Vetting & barring
23/02/09 Church bells and noise pollution
23/02/09 Faith in Affordable Housing
26/01/09 Burial ground memorials
26/01/09 Coroners and Justice Bill
26/01/09 NHS and religion
26/01/09 Royal Marriages and Succession to the Crown (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill
14/01/09 Cremation Regulations
14/01/09 Childcare, out-of-school clubs and registration
10/12/08 Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008
21/11/08 Voting age
24/07/08 Faiths in Action and the Framework for Partnership
24/07/08 Islam and social cohesion
03/07/08 Birth registration
08/04/08 Training in community leadership
03/09/07 Racial and religious hatred
06/08/07 Burial law
06/08/07 Inter-faith councils
06/08/07 Marriage law (England and Wales)
06/08/07 Religion and public benefit
04/07/07 Establishment and patronage
04/07/07 Burial law reform
04/07/05 Marriage registration
17/12/04 Marriage registration
23/07/04 Marriage registration
15/12/03 Marriage registration
25/07/03 Marriage registration law: England and Wales
26/07/02 Business rates
26/07/02 Jury service
30/04/02 Marriage registration law
27/04/01 Marriage registration law
Scientology and the Supreme Court
Exhumation: forthcoming changes to the law in England and Wales
Assisted dying
Ballot for private Peers' bills
13/12/19 Code of Fundraising Practice reminder
05/12/19 Listed Places of Worship Grant extended to 2021
16/10/19 Fund for tackling loneliness
04/10/19 Historic England: National Capacity Building Programme
23/09/19 Fundraising Regulator: named investigation summaries
23/09/19 Gift Aid
23/09/19 Spending Round 2019
04/09/19 Grant funding for voluntary sector to support UK nationals living in EU and EEA
16/07/19 Society lotteries
19/06/19 Rural Community Energy Fund
06/06/19 Fundraising Regulator: revised Code of Fundraising Practice Aid
09/05/19 Gift Aid and the aggregated donations limit: further clarification
17/04/19 Gift Aid: aggregated donations limit clarified
07/03/19 Fundraising Regulator
27/02/19 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme changes approved
13/02/19 Fundraising Preference Service: changes from 1 March 2019
04/02/19 Institute of Fundraising: guide to telephone fundraising
31/01/19 HM Courts & Tribunals Service: legacy notification
09/11/18 HMRC: completing your Gift Aid donations schedule
25/10/18 HRBA: applying for grants
01/10/18 Gift Aid, coffee mornings and bake sales
16/08/18 Support for young people: the Building Connections Fund
03/08/18 National Churches Trust Annual Review
02/08/18 Gift Aid declarations and the GDPR
06/07/18 Gift Aid donor benefit rules 2019
18/06/18 Grants to tackle loneliness
09/05/18 Fundraising Regulator publishes guidance on dealing with complaints
04/04/18 Work and Pensions Committee report on European Social Fund
27/02/18 Fundraising guidance and the GDPR
15/02/18 Code of Fundraising Practice updated
18/10/17 Place Based Social Action programme launched
26/09/17 Consultations on good fundraising practice
30/06/17 Vulnerable Faith Institutions Scheme
16/12/16 More on the Fundraising Regulator
08/08/16 Office for Civil Society match funding
30/04/16 Veolia Environmental Trust funding for 2016
20/04/16 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme consultation
09/12/15 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme - a call for evidence
07/12/15 Draft Small Charitable Donations Act (Amendment) Order 2015
02/12/15 Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund: second round
03/10/15 Unethical charity fundraising
22/09/15 Charity fundraising
03/08/15 NCVO review of fundraising self-regulation
27/07/15 Challenges to wills by charities
21/07/15 House of Commons inquiry into fundraising
16/07/15 Gift Aid donor benefit rules: call for evidence
09/07/15 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme: updated HMRC guidance
09/04/15 Society lotteries
05/12/14 Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund - Deadline for Applications
04/12/14 The Chancellor's Autumn Statement: Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund
23/05/14 Listed Places of Worship Scheme – transfer to new supplier
30/04/14 First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund
30/04/14 Gift Aid: have your donors paid the tax?
14/04/14 Gift Aid and digital giving: consultation responses
27/03/14 Charities Online: reminder to include postcodes
27/03/14 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS): the new tax year and time-limits
03/07/13 Gift Aid and digital giving: consultation
26/06/13 Spending Round 2013
11/04/13 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS)
10/01/13 Heritage Lottery Fund – new grant programme for places of worship
10/01/13 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme update
06/12/12 Gift Aid: on-line filing and Charities Online: update
14/09/12 Small Charitable Donations Bill / Gift Aid Charitable Donations Scheme
28/06/12 Giving White Paper: progress report
28/06/12 VAT and LPW Grant Scheme: Joint DCMS & HM Treasury Consultation
30/03/12 Large donations and tax relief
30/03/12 Small donations scheme: progress
14/03/12 Gift Aid declarations: a reminder
20/10/11 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
14/09/11 Gift Aid and Mass offerings
27/06/11 Philanthropy review
03/06/11 Giving White Paper
06/05/11 Gift Aid: claim forms
06/05/11 Gift Aid: guidance
04/04/11 Gift Aid forms
24/03/11 Heritage Lottery Fund strategic framework 2013–2019
26/01/11 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme: 31 March deadline
10/01/11 Giving Green Paper
08/12/10 Cabinet Office Green Paper on commissioning
06/12/10 Gift Aid and the Fanning Report
06/12/10 Transition Fund
29/10/10 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme: update
25/10/10 Voluntary sector funding
21/10/10 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
07/10/10 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme: update
17/09/10 Big Lottery Fund consultation on policy direction
17/09/10 Modernising Gift Aid
23/07/10 Gift Aid Simplification Survey results
19/07/10 Gift Aid Simplification Survey
25/06/10 Gift Aid Simplification Survey
08/06/10 The LPWG Scheme petition
17/02/10 The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme and transitional Gift Aid relief
17/12/09 Gift aid
13/07/09 Gift aid claims
18/05/09 Financial Services Compensation Scheme
01/05/09 Targeted Support Fund
22/04/09 Gift Aid
22/04/09 Tax-effective giving
24/03/09 Churches and Faith Buildings: Realising the Potential
24/03/09 Gift Aid: time-limit for claims
23/02/09 Third sector action plan
10/12/08 Capacitybuilders and third sector regional networks
21/11/08 Charity Commission Guidance: Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
21/11/08 Gift Aid
22/08/08 Gift Aid Transitional Relief
24/07/08 Grassroots Grants
02/05/08 Gift Aid: barriers to its adoption
03/09/07 Charity funding: NAO report
03/09/07 Community Assets consultation: OTS response
06/08/07 Heritage Lottery Fund grants
06/08/07 Gift Aid: the consultation
04/07/07 Gift Aid: the consultation
25/07/03 Landfill Tax Credit Scheme
25/04/03 Landfill Tax Credit Scheme
30/04/02 Landfill Tax Credit scheme
27/04/01 Landfill Tax Credit scheme
Big Lottery Fund: consultation on proposed policy directions
30/10/19 Commons Library: future UK immigration system
30/10/19 Migration Advisory Committee: call for evidence
16/10/19 Migrant religious workers
14/10/19 Immigration Guidance for Ministers of Religion
14/10/19 Consolidated Immigration Rules on Ministers of Religion
21/01/19 Law Commission: consultation on simplifying the Immigration Rules
19/12/18 Imigration White Paper
11/12/18 Change to Immigration Rules
15/09/18 Home Office settlement scheme for EU citizens
21/12/16 Short-term visitor visas for clergy
28/07/16 Recent changes in Tier 2 criteria
13/07/16 Government statement on rights of residence for EU and non-EU citizens
01/09/14 Immigration and Nationality (Fees) (Consequential Amendments) Order 2014
30/04/14 Immigration fees 2014-15 and sponsorship guidance
30/04/14 Sham marriage provisions
16/07/12 Changes to the Immigration Rules
30/03/12 Immigration Rules: latest changes
23/11/11 Sponsorship of partner or dependent
20/10/11 National Audit Office study on immigration and student routes
17/06/11 Immigration and Tier 4 (students)
18/11/10 Refined Tier 2 criteria
17/09/10 Inquiry into immigration routes
17/09/10 Secure English language tests for Tier 4 adult students
30/07/10 Changes to the certificate of approval scheme
30/07/10 English language testing for partners
30/07/10 Maintenance funds for dependents
23/07/10 Economic migration and the English language requirement
23/07/10 Policy guidance on Tier 2 immigration
19/07/10 Economic migration
25/06/10 Detention of children: urgent consultation
16/04/10 Tier 4 student visa applications
16/04/10 Marriage visas
09/03/10 Tier 4 student visa applications
17/02/10 Non-EEA students
19/01/10 PBS Tier 2
17/12/09 Applications for Tier 1 or 2 from students
19/11/09 Draft Immigration Bill
12/11/09 Immigration law consultation
12/11/09 Draft Immigration Bill
15/10/09 Tiers 2, 4 and 5
11/09/09 Points Based System Tier 2
18/05/09 Tiers 2 and 5 Code of Practice
18/05/09 Visitor visas and volunteering
06/03/09 PBS: further controls
10/12/08 Immigration update
21/11/08 Immigration: transitional arrangements for Tiers 2 and 5
11/09/08 Points Based System – Religious Workers
11/09/08 What is the Points Based System?
22/08/08 UKBA service standards and application deadlines
24/07/08 Draft Immigration and Citizenship Bill
03/07/08 Immigration
15/05/08 Immigration: ministers of religion
29/02/08 Accreditation of educational institutions, immigration and the points-based system
08/01/08 Immigration: ministers of religion and religious workers
10/04/06 Immigration Rules
30/04/02 Immigration Rules
Immigration status after Brexit
Odds and ends
13/01/20 ICO consultation on direct marketing
13/01/20 Budget 2020
13/01/20 Gambling Commission: Society lottery reforms
05/12/19 Election manifestos
05/12/19 ICO: The Data Protection Fee
05/12/19 Civil Partnership (Opposite-sex Couples) Regulations 2019
30/10/19 Political Update
16/10/19 The Queen's Speech
16/10/19 The Cabinet Office on a no-deal Brexit
16/10/19 NCVO safeguarding resource
13/08/19 Law Commission: surrogacy law consultation
13/08/19 Minister for Civil Society
23/07/19 Food safety
09/05/19 DBS fees
07/05/19 Security at places of worship
02/04/19 Home schooling
28/01/19 Guidance on Data Protection and Brexit
09/01/19 Data protection and Brexit
19/12/18 Census Questions for 2021
06/12/18 Data Protection
29/10/18 Autumn Budget 2018
11/10/18 Ashers Baking
25/09/18 Fire Safety
21/09/18 Law Commission: electronic execution of documents
10/09/18 Government view on mandatory reporting of suspected abuse
08/08/18 Irish nationals in the UK
07/08/18 Pictures on the Internet and copyright
31/07/18 Draft Modern Slavery Strategy
30/07/18 Commons inquiry into enforcement of the Equality Act 2010
17/07/18 First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund evaluation
12/07/18 Charity Commission and Department for Education updates on safeguarding
27/06/18 BT fined for data protection breach
08/06/18 Charity fined for data protection breach
09/05/18 ICO publishes consent guidance on consultation on regulatory policy
02/05/18 Yet more on the GDPR
17/04/18 Data protection: the GDPR and the PECR
12/04/18 New music licensing company launched
10/04/18 Education in out-of-school settings: the Government's response
04/04/18 ICO fees and processing special category data
04/03/18 Guidance from the Baptist Union on data protection
02/02/18 Code of Fundraising Practice consultation
24/01/18 European Commission GDPR guidance
17/01/18 Cathedrals Working Group draft report
11/01/18 Legal basis for processing data under GDPR
09/01/18 Cabinet reshuffle
19/12/17 Data protection
19/12/17 Legal Entity Identifiers - reminder
12/12/17 New requirements for lotteries
27/11/17 ICO Guide to the GDPR published
15/11/17 Conscientious objection and acquittal for alleged criminal damage
07/11/17 Prosecution for misuse of personal data
06/11/17 Copyright and photographs on websites
26/10/17 GDPR: Data profiling and guidance helpline
18/10/17 GDPR information hotline for smaller organisations
25/08/17 Preparing for the GDPR
22/08/17 Supreme Court to hear appeal on opposite-sex civil partnerships
21/08/17 Cyber security among charities
15/08/17 Brexit and the General Data Protection Regulation
15/08/17 Legal Entity Identifiers
01/08/17 Equality and Human Rights Commission
25/07/17 Citizenship and civic engagement
19/07/17 Extra funding for Community Sponsorship scheme
13/07/17 Law Commission consultation on law of wills
22/06/17 Lords Private Peers' Bills ballot 2017-19
21/06/17 Queen's Speech 2017
15/06/17 General Election 2017 - The new Government
18/05/17 General Election 2017 - manifestos
08/05/17 Updated General Election campaigning guidance
26/04/17 Review of the CLAS website - reminder
19/04/17 Guidance on campaigning during elections
05/04/17 Currency old and new
08/03/17 Policy on advice & queries
21/02/17 Food safety consultation
31/10/16 The new pound coin
28/10/16 Churches and Cathedrals Sustainability Review
08/09/16 Cremation (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2016
28/07/16 New £1 coin to enter circulation next year
18/07/16 Apprenticeship Levy - Charity Tax Group/BIS Seminar
27/06/16 Safeguarding children and the Goddard Inquiry: religious institutions
15/06/16 Inspection of "out-of-school education settings"
30/11/15 Current NI abortion law breaches Article 8 ECHR
27/11/15 Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
19/10/15 Counter-extremism strategy: a summary
28/09/15 Psychoactive Substances Bill and incense: update
28/09/15 Coroners and Justice Act 2009: post-implementation review of coroner reforms
21/07/15 Lobbying Act: final guidance
09/07/15 "Freedom of Panorama": update
17/06/15 "Freedom of Panorama"
11/06/15 Food hygiene
11/06/15 Extension of FoI legislation
20/05/15 Lobbying consultation
15/04/15 Prayers at council meetings? - "yes" in England: "no" in Canada
26/03/15 Legislation
23/01/15 Budget 2015
23/01/15 Electoral Commission guidance on the Lobbying Act 2014
12/01/15 Food Information for consumers: advice from the Food Standards Agency
23/12/14 Food Information for consumers: update
04/11/14 Charity Commission for Northern Ireland: updates
04/11/14 Data Protection Act and the "journalism exemption"
01/09/14 Second Church Estates Commissioner announces forthcoming retirement
01/09/14 Autumn Statement consultation and date
05/08/14 Baroness Warsi resigns as Minister for Faith and Communities
05/08/14 Baroness Warsi resigns as Minister for Faith and Communities
18/07/14 Exclusive Brethren
15/07/14 Ministerial reshuffle
10/07/14 A constitution for the UK?
08/07/14 Government proposals on judicial review
25/06/14 Third-party use of IT systems
30/05/14 Rules on campaigning for non-party campaigners
09/05/14 Government reshuffle
30/04/14 Talking to the media
01/04/14 First Aid
01/04/14 Means of escape
01/04/14 Food Hygiene: Update on FSA advice
20/03/14 Food hygiene: FSA advice
13/02/14 Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014
13/02/14 Voluntary and community events: guidance
10/10/13 Transparency of Lobbying (etc) Bill: update
16/09/13 Transparency of Lobbying (etc) Bill
09/09/13 Performing right
06/09/13 Data protection
27/06/13 Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill
24/06/13 Copyright and websites
29/01/13 Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill
29/10/12 Jam-jars and their reuse: For information: update on the previous position
14/09/12 Food hygiene and old jam-jars
08/09/12 Ministerial responsibilities: charity matters
03/09/12 House of Lords reform
28/08/12 Live Music Act 2012: consultation on regulated entertainment matters
08/08/12 Data protection
02/08/12 Health and safety: incident reporting and RIDDOR
01/08/12 Disclosure and barring: changes from September 2012
06/07/12 Health & Safety: ignore it at your peril
06/07/12 Health & Safety: fees
06/07/12 Photographs and images: copyright compliance
26/06/12 Equality Act: Age discrimination
26/06/12 Consultation on revised safeguarding statutory guidance
30/04/12 Running an event safely
03/02/12 Equality duty
03/02/12 Freedom of information
03/02/12 Regulation of lobbyists
16/01/12 Cheque guarantees and cheque clearing
23/12/11 Cheques: update
13/12/11 Criminal records checks review
13/12/11 Funding of political parties
23/11/11 Wills and trusts
20/10/11 Diamond Jubilee commemoration: use of names & titles
20/10/11 Music & copyright licensing: review
20/10/11 Music & copyright licensing: changes in the law
14/09/11 Commission on a Bill of Rights: consultation
14/09/11 Copyright licensing
14/09/11 Regulated entertainment: consultation
20/08/11 Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011
20/07/11 Cheque-clearing: the dénouement
20/07/11 Open Public Services White Paper
16/06/11 Cheque-clearing: update
13/06/11 Vetting & Barring Scheme (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) – update June 2011
07/06/11 Cheque-clearing: update
06/05/11 Legacies and trustees – yet again
06/05/11 Abolition of cheque-clearing: update
06/05/11 Data protection: cookies
04/04/11 Northern Ireland economy
04/04/11 Data protection: cookies
04/04/11 Safeguarding and CRB checks
24/03/11 Charity legislation: the story so far
24/03/11 Advertising practice code and charities
24/03/11 Cheque-clearing: update
24/03/11 Protection of Freedoms Bill
03/02/11 Safeguarding: Munro Review - update
21/01/11 Copyright licensing
10/01/11 Safeguarding: Munro Review
21/12/10 Cheque clearing: update
21/12/10 Localism Bill
07/12/10 Sunday trading review
06/12/10 Radio microphones: compensation
18/11/10 Citizenship survey cancellation
18/11/10 Copyright licensing
18/11/10 Equality Act 2010: further update
18/11/10 Financial reporting
21/10/10 Non-departmental public bodies
07/10/10 The Bribery Act 2010: a brief guide
17/09/10 Legal professional privilege and in-house lawyers
17/09/10 Radio microphones: a reminder
09/08/10 Radio microphones: update
30/07/10 Radio microphones
30/07/10 UK legislation: new website
19/07/10 Data protection
19/07/10 Ministerial responsibilities
22/06/10 Cheque-clearing workshops
22/06/10 Government funding and faith-based organisations
22/06/10 Government, the voluntary sector and the ‘Big Society’
22/06/10 Vetting and Barring Scheme
08/06/10 Queen’s Speech 2010
17/05/10 New ministers
23/04/10 Cheque clearing: update
16/04/10 Smacking children
17/02/10 Accounting standards: update
19/01/10 Cheque clearing: update
19/01/10 Investment policy
19/01/10 Licensing: music copyright
19/01/10 Licensing: small music venues
19/01/10 Radio microphones
19/01/10 Security in places of worship
22/12/09 Cheque clearing: update
22/12/09 Copyright and not-for-profit organisations
22/12/09 Parochial fees
17/12/09 Streamlining government
19/11/09 Copyright and not-for-profit organisations
05/11/09 Licensing applications on-line
05/11/09 Review of Money Laundering Regulations 2007
03/08/09 Alcohol sales and premises licensing reform: update
28/07/09 Freedom of Information Act 2000: designation of additional public authorities
28/07/09 Lasting Power of Attorney
23/07/09 Alcohol sales and licensing reform
16/07/09 Digital dividend update: Channel 69
06/07/09 Pandemic influenza
18/05/09 Alcohol sales and licensing reform
18/05/09 Pandemic influenza
01/05/09 Pandemic influenza
24/03/09 Digital dividend update
06/03/09 First aid in churches
06/03/09 Ofcom, the digital dividend and radio-microphones: an interim report
06/03/09 Pandemic influenza
10/12/08 The Pre-Budget Report
10/12/08 Queen's Speech 2008
10/12/08 Copyright in images: a warning
10/12/08 Data protection
01/10/08 Fees for part-time students
01/10/08 OTS survey of third sector organisations
01/10/08 Bank deposit protection
17/09/08 Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008
22/08/08 Licensing reform
24/07/08 Copyright exemptions in respect of music licensing
24/07/08 DCLG White Paper
24/07/08 Licensing Act 2003
15/05/08 Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008
04/04/08 Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
07/02/08 Data protection and church registers
08/01/08 Radio microphones
03/09/07 Child safety
06/08/07 House of Lords Reform
04/07/07 Equality Bill
02/04/07 Licensing Act 2003
10/07/06 Licensing Act 2003
25/04/03 Public entertainment licensing
21/06/02 Electoral registers
31/01/02 Jury service
Music & copyright licensing: REMINDER
Food Information for Consumers
Archbishop's Special Licences and marriages of nationals from outside the EEA
Business rates - it's different in Wales
Property and planning
13/01/20 Law Commission: leasehold enfranchisement project
13/01/20 MHCLG: Tenancy agreements and pets
05/12/19 Community Businesses within places of worship: request for information
05/12/19 Law Commission update on enfranchisement regime
02/12/19 National Churches Trust
30/10/19 Building Safety Regulator to be appointed
30/10/19 Historic England on terne-coated stainless steel
30/10/19 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme: 1-year extension
30/10/19 MHCLG: new heritage conservation programme announced
16/10/19 Minimum energy efficiency standards consultation
04/10/19 ‘No-fault’ eviction
23/09/19 ‘Right to rent’ checks
04/09/19 Right to Rent: Commons Library briefing
04/09/19 'Slips and trips' at historic properties
13/08/19 Lead theft and terne-coated steel
13/08/19 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
22/07/19 Tenancy reform consultation
12/07/19 Lead theft from church roofs
05/07/19 Fire safety: clarification of Approved Document B
03/07/19 Leasehold reform
06/06/19 Home Office call for evidence of Fire Safety Order
01/06/19 Tenant Fees Act 2019
12/05/19 Toilets for disabled people
26/04/19 Places of Worship Protective Security Scheme
18/04/19 Listed Places of Worship and Memorials Grant Schemes: feedback wanted
17/04/19 Listed Places of Worship Grant Schemes: website redesign
09/04/19 National Churches Trust: grants for church maintenance
05/04/19 Village Halls fund
04/04/19 Japanese knotweed: an update
28/03/19 'Tailored Review’ of Historic England
18/03/19 HM Land Registry: Practice guide 14: charities
07/03/19 The ChurchCare website
07/02/19 Memorial (headstone) safety
05/02/19 Social housing providers and religion: R (Z & Ors) v Hackney LBC
25/01/19 Building Regulations and Safety: review and reforms after Grenfell Tower
21/01/19 Historic England: advice finder
16/01/19 Lightning protection for historic churches and buildings: consultation
11/01/19 Advice from Ecclesiastical Insurance on protecting against metal theft
07/01/19 VAT and construction and repair work for churches
10/12/18 Law Commission: consultation on commonhold
07/11/18 Waste collection and charging for churches
16/08/18 MHCLG consultation on social housing
09/07/18 MHCLG and the future of the high street
03/07/18 MHCLG recommends minimum-term tenancies
02/07/18 Japanese knotweed
06/06/18 Church of England faculty jurisdiction rules: consultation
21/05/18 Historic England advice on places of worship
11/05/18 Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013
30/04/18 May a parish council grant-aid a place of worship?
27/04/18 Bat Habitats Regulation Bill [Lords]
05/03/18 Draft National Planning Policy Framework published
01/03/18 CCTV in churches
18/02/18 Using church spires to increase digital connectivity
31/01/18 EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings
25/01/18 Charity Property Matters 2018
15/01/18 Church bells, noise and planning law
29/12/17 Business rates in multi-occupied properties
06/12/17 Deterring lead theft
29/11/17 Government to consult on Housing Ombudsman
01/11/17 Charities and leasehold extension
22/10/17 E-conveyancing
09/10/17 Private Rented Property minimum standard - landlord guidance
29/09/17 Compulsory Purchase compensation claim form
12/09/17 Hackitt Review of Building and Fire Safety Regulations
11/09/17 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
07/09/17 Scared of heights?
31/08/17 Non-domestic smart metering
30/08/17 Independent review of building regulations and fire safety
11/08/17 Telecommunications equipment in listed places of worship
31/07/17 Bats in Churches: update
27/07/17 HLF Grants for Places of Worship scheme: further update
27/07/17 Payments to the Churches Conservation Trust Order 2017
18/07/17 Closure of Grants for Places of Worship scheme – update
18/07/17 Land Registry sets out digitisation plans
13/07/17 Historic England’s advice on metal theft
10/07/17 Bat boxes
16/06/17 Historic England: Social enterprise and rural places of worship in England
14/06/17 Historic England advice on metal theft
13/06/17 Safety and security in church buildings
01/05/17 Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund Evaluation
01/04/17 Heritage Lottery Fund to end Grants for Places of Worship scheme
30/03/17 Buildings security
27/02/17 DCMS review of Heritage Lottery Funding
09/02/17 Land Registry consultation on digitalisation
09/02/17 Land Registry consultation on digital conveyancing and registration: update
08/02/17 Bats in churches
08/02/17 Community Infrastructure Levy review
19/01/17 Lead theft from church buildings
16/12/16 English Churches and Cathedrals Sustainability Review: call for evidence
16/06/16 Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund
28/04/16 Working at height
06/04/16 National Churches Trust: consultation
24/03/16 Business rates
04/02/16 National Churches Trust's 2016 community and repair grants programmes
03/02/16 The 'Right to Rent' and its implications for Churches
11/01/16 Review of Community Infrastructure Levy
19/11/15 Community Infrastructure Levy: DCLG review
19/11/15 Pre-application advice for historic places of worship
18/11/15 Planning reform proposals and change of use
20/10/15 'Right to Rent' checks introduced for landlords in England
04/10/15 Chancellor announces abolition of uniform business rate
24/09/15 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015: update
03/08/15 Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
23/04/15 Housing Associations and the "right to buy"
23/02/15 Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014
20/02/15 Broadband in Churches
16/02/15 Church buildings as "community assets"
10/02/15 Fire Safety Regulations
02/01/15 Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund
02/01/15 'Managing Major Buildings Projects in Places of Worship': HRBA training event
02/01/15 Statements of Significance: how to produce one
16/12/14 Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund
14/11/14 Landlords: immigration status checks
04/11/14 Disposals of land with a designated purpose
04/11/14 English Heritage: the new charity model
04/11/14 Landlord checks on immigration status of tenants
20/06/14 Manorial rights: select committee inquiry
06/03/14 Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) Regulations 2014
06/03/14 Mormon Temples and Business Rates
06/03/14 VAT: zero rate on new building
13/02/14 Asbestos in buildings
20/09/13 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme extended
28/08/13 DCLG online planning guidance
28/08/13 Necessary wayleaves regime: consultation outcome
08/08/13 Urban stewardship and design guide
25/06/13 Bats and churches: Commons debate
30/04/12 Asbestos in buildings
30/04/12 Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012
30/04/12 Planning Act 2008: guidance on compulsory acquisition
30/04/12 Tree Preservation Orders
13/02/12 Fire extinguisher service contracts
13/02/12 Metal theft: update
03/02/12 Planning complaints procedure
16/01/12 "Heritage crime" and metal theft
13/12/11 Penfold Review of non-planning consents: implementation
13/12/11 Solar photovoltaic panels: consultation on Feed-in Tariffs
04/11/11 Council Tax: discount for second homes
20/10/11 Community Infrastructure Levy: consultation on reform
20/10/11 Metal theft petition
20/10/11 Private sewers and lateral drains
20/07/11 Social housing
20/07/11 Non-domestic rates, charities and church buildings
17/06/11 Compulsory purchase and community assets
17/06/11 Easements, Covenants and Profits à Prendre
14/06/11 Waste from churches
24/03/11 Draft Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) Regulations 2011
24/03/11 Registration of places of worship (England and Wales)
21/01/11 Repair Grant for Places of Worship: Manchester workshop
10/01/11 Competition Act 1998 (Land Agreements Exclusion Revocation) Order 2010
06/12/10 Heritage Lottery Fund budget for 2011–12
18/11/10 Big Lottery Fund grant scheme for England
18/11/10 Community Infrastructure Levy: update
21/10/10 Social housing: eviction and human rights
17/09/10 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme: DCMS consultation update
17/09/10 Private sewers and lateral drains
17/09/10 'Qualified surveyors'
17/09/10 VAT: option to tax on supplies of buildings for relevant residential or charitable purpose
09/08/10 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme: DCMS consultation
09/08/10 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme: petition
30/07/10 A possible merger of heritage bodies?
30/07/10 Waste policies consultation
23/07/10 Ecclesiastical Exemption (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Order 2010
19/07/10 Community Infrastructure Levy: possible repeal?
23/04/10 Community Infrastructure Levy
23/04/10 National Churches Trust survey 2010
16/04/10 Ecclesiastical Exemption (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Order 2010
16/04/10 Planning Policy Statement 5
16/04/10 'Section 106' consultation
09/03/10 Definition of “qualified surveyor”
17/02/10 Draft Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010
17/02/10 Draft Ecclesiastical Exemption (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Order 2010
17/02/10 Sports facilities and church buildings: survey
19/01/10 Church halls and non-domestic rates
05/11/09 Rating relief
05/11/09 Succession and wills
03/08/09 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: consultation
30/07/09 Community Infrastructure Levy: detailed proposals and draft regulations
28/07/09 PPS 15: Planning for the Historic Environment
28/07/09 World Heritage Sites
23/07/09 Land Registry Practice Guide No 68: amending deeds
13/07/09 Planning review
13/07/09 Disposing of charity land: best price
13/07/09 Disposing of charity land: guidance for trustees
13/07/09 English Heritage
13/07/09 Land registration
13/07/09 Planning Policy Statement on the historic envir
22/04/09 Business rates: transitional relief
22/04/09 Gas safety
22/04/09 Land Registry: increase in fees
24/03/09 Planning Act 2008: commencement
06/03/09 Environmental Permitting and compost heaps
06/03/09 Fire-extinguisher service contract
23/02/09 Business Rate Supplements Bill
23/02/09 Land registration: new triggers
23/02/09 Social housing: National Tenant Voice
23/02/09 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
26/01/09 Heritage Support Officers
14/01/09 Fire extinguishers
14/01/09 Metal theft
10/12/08 Community Infrastructure Levy
10/12/08 Land Registration (Amendment) Rules
10/12/08 Land Registration Act 2002 (Amendment) Order 2008 (SI 2008 No. 2872)
21/11/08 Land Registration (Amendment) Rules
21/11/08 Planning Bill and Community Infrastructure Levy
21/11/08 Theft of metals from roofs
01/10/08 English Heritage: interim Chair
22/08/08 Community Infrastructure Levy
22/08/08 VAT: buildings and the zero rate
03/07/08 Accounting for heritage assets
15/05/08 Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance
15/05/08 Ecclesiastical Exemption (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Order 1994: Churches subject to sharing agreements
03/05/08 Bats in churches
02/05/08 Draft Heritage Protection Bill
02/05/08 English Heritage: Seeing the history in the view
15/01/08 Waste from places of worship
03/09/07 Planning and renewable energy
03/09/07 Refuse collection
03/09/07 Transfer of Planning Appeals to Inspectorate
06/08/07 Land registration
02/04/07 Health Act 2006: Smokefree (Signs) Regulations 2007
02/04/07 Ecclesiastical Exemption & Heritage Protection
10/07/06 VAT and Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
10/07/06 Lead in Pipe Organs
12/12/05 Empty Dwelling Management Orders
22/08/05 Construction Industry Scheme
22/08/05 Oil tanks on church premises
22/08/05 Ecclesiastical Exemption
04/07/05 VAT and Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
04/07/05 Council Tax: Discounts for Second Homes
04/07/05 Joint Grant Scheme for Places of Worship
04/07/05 Licensing Act 2003
31/03/05 Houses in Multiple Occupation
17/12/04 Council Tax: discount for second homes
23/07/04 Council Tax: discount for second homes
25/03/04 Council Tax: discount for second homes
25/03/04 Ecclesiastical exemption
15/12/03 Community infrastructure planning
20/11/03 Land Registration Act 2002
20/11/03 Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002
25/07/03 Review of heritage protection: ecclesiastical exemption
25/04/03 Review of heritage protection: ecclesiastical exemption
25/04/03 Safety in churchyards
26/07/02 VAT and the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
30/04/02 Business rates
30/04/02 Refuse collection
28/09/01 Disability discrimination: rights of access
29/06/01 Ecclesiastical exemption
27/04/01 VAT: repairs to listed places of worship
Manorial rights
Business rates review
Charity land: the Law Commission consultation
Entertainment licensing consultation
Galleries: Health and Safety issues
13/01/20 Scottish Government: initial response to short-term lets consultation
11/12/19 Scottish Government: consultation on gender recognition reform
05/12/19 Scottish Government: permitted development rights
05/12/19 Scottish non-domestic rates relief statistics
30/10/19 Scottish Government: initial response to short-term lets consultation
04/10/19 Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill
23/09/19 Programme for Government 2019-20
04/09/19 Scotland Consultation: Financial Redress for Historical Child Abuse in Care
12/07/19 Strengthening fire safety and building standards
04/07/19 Responses to consultation on Scottish charity law
25/06/19 Scottish Government: response to consultation on civil partnership
05/06/19 Scottish Government: Families and Communities Fund
13/05/19 Scottish Government: response to consultation on funeral cost guidance
23/04/19 Consultation on occasional licences in Scotland
05/03/19 OSCR Updates
18/02/19 Scottish Government: consultation on law of succession
10/01/19 OSCR: advice on appointing the correct auditor for charity accounts
07/01/19 Scottish Government: consultation on charity law
12/12/18 The Scottish Budget 2019-20
28/11/18 OSCR: reminder on annual submissions
23/11/18 Scottish Government publishes responses to consultation on Gender Recognition Act
14/11/18 Scottish Government: consultation on hate crime legislation
12/11/18 Charities Accounts (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2018
12/11/18 OSCR: new guidance on investments
04/09/18 Scottish Government: Programme for Scotland 2018-19
17/08/18 Scottish Government: consultation on funeral costs
14/08/18 OSCR: consultation on draft guidance for charities with investments
31/07/18 OSCR to consider charging for regulation
28/06/18 Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Bill
19/06/18 OSCR risk framework updated
26/03/18 OSCR guide on charities and trading
21/02/18 OSCR updates fundraising guidance
14/12/17 Scottish Draft Budget 2018-19
13/12/17 Charities and lobbying
02/11/17 Role of Income Tax in Scotland's Budget
16/10/17 Scottish Lobbying Register
30/08/17 Making churches more energy efficient
22/08/17 Barclay Review of non-domestic rates
06/07/17 Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016 – draft regulations
24/05/17 OSCR guide to incorporation in Scotland
08/03/17 Trustees' annual reporting obligations
20/02/17 OSCR: Being a Charity in Scotland
19/02/17 Church property, tax relief and EU law on State aids
08/02/17 Charitable status of private schools
16/01/17 Water and Sewerage Charges Exemption Scheme 2017-18
01/12/16 Scottish income tax rates and Gift Aid
01/12/16 Extending FOI to landlords
15/11/16 Charity reporting deadlines
05/11/16 Obligatory collective worship in schools: judicial review
02/11/16 Incorporation of Scottish charities
13/09/16 OSCR: new incorporation process and updated Charity Trustee Declaration Form
04/04/16 Guidance for charity trustees
25/03/16 Scotland Act 2016
24/03/16 Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016
03/02/16 Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund: application reminder
02/12/15 Long Leases (Scotland) Act 2012 comes into effect
14/10/15 Abortion law to be devolved
08/10/15 Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Bill
22/09/15 Consultation on civil partnership
06/07/15 Burial and cremation law
30/06/15 Consultations
07/04/15 Tenancy for the private rented sector
04/03/15 OSCR consultation on charity test guidance
26/01/15 Consultation on burial and cremation law
28/11/14 Report of the Smith Commission on further devolution
04/11/14 Draft Trusts (Scotland) Bill
28/08/14 Charity exemption scheme for water and sewerage charges
05/08/14 OSCR consults on regulatory proposals
05/08/14 OSCR consults on regulatory proposals
05/08/14 OSCR consults on regulatory proposals
12/02/14 Adoption, sexual orientation & charitable status: St Margaret¡¦s Family Care
12/02/14 OSCR’s new procedure for handling complaints
17/07/13 Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill
10/04/13 Consultation on licensing scrap metal dealers
26/06/12 Unincorporated associations: limited liability
30/04/12 OSCR checklist for trustees on protecting charitable status
22/02/12 Guide to the referendum
13/12/11 Charity Transfer Schemes and Restricted Fund Reorganisations: consultation on draft regulations
14/09/11 Charity accounts: updated guidance
14/09/11 Registration of English charities in Scotland
06/05/11 Charity test
06/05/11 Civil partnership ceremonies
06/05/11 OSCR guidance on independence and control
06/05/11 Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations
04/04/11 Integrated Reporting: update
04/04/11 Civil partnership ceremonies on religious premises: Scotland
04/04/11 Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations
24/03/11 Compulsory Purchase: draft guidance
24/03/11 Historic Environment (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2011
24/03/11 Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme
25/01/11 Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations: commencement
21/01/11 OSCR Chair
10/01/11 Privacy principles
10/01/11 Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Order 2010
10/01/11 Scotland Bill: select committee inquiry
21/12/10 Scotland Bill
21/10/10 Draft Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Regulations
21/10/10 Residential workers: dealing with allegations
21/10/10 Vetting & barring: England and Wales and Northern Ireland lists
07/10/10 Burial law
07/10/10 Charity accounting records and trustees’ responsibilities
07/10/10 Vetting and barring
17/09/10 Charities Accounts (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2010
17/09/10 Freedom of information
17/09/10 OSCR inquiry & intervention policy
17/09/10 Programme for Government 2010–11
17/09/10 Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007
17/09/10 References in documents
13/08/10 Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010
19/07/10 Protecting vulnerable groups
08/06/10 Child protection
08/06/10 Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010: trustee indemnity insurance
17/05/10 OSCR: charities in financial difficulties
17/05/10 Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010
09/03/10 Charity accounting thresholds
09/03/10 Land registration
02/02/10 Charity accounts
02/02/10 Death certification, burial and cremation
02/02/10 End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill
19/01/10 Charities References in Documents (Scotland) Regulations
19/01/10 Charity appeal
22/12/09 Market operator licensing
19/11/09 Apparently inactive charities
19/11/09 Protecting vulnerable groups
05/11/09 OSCR: integrated reporting review
05/11/09 Water charges: small charity exemptions
30/09/09 Third Sector: joint statement
11/09/09 Scottish Government legislative programme 2009–10
11/09/09 Historic Environment (Amendment) Scotland Bill
04/08/09 Scottish Historic Environment Policy (SHEP)
23/07/09 Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 implementation
13/07/09 Charities and Benevolent Fundraising (Scotland) Regulations 2009
13/07/09 Charity trustee indemnity
13/07/09 Cross-border charities
13/07/09 Fundraising guidance
13/07/09 Volunteer vetting procedure
18/05/09 Charity trustee indemnity
18/05/09 Volunteer vetting procedure
01/05/09 Charity law: minor amendments
22/04/09 Planning policy consultation
06/03/09 Calman Commission: OSCR evidence
23/02/09 Cross-border monitoring of charities
23/02/09 OSCR: failing accounts
26/01/09 Charities and integrated reporting
10/12/08 Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002
10/12/08 Unincorporated associations
21/11/08 OSCR rolling review: public benefit
01/10/08 OSCR Annual Report and Accounts
01/10/08 OSCR service standards
01/10/08 Time off for training
11/09/08 Community Infrastructure Levy postponement
03/07/08 Freedom of Information
02/05/08 Parliament, the voluntary sector and water
29/02/08 OSCR: ‘charitable purpose’ and ‘charitable’
15/01/08 Water charges
06/08/07 OSCR publications and the rolling review
06/08/07 Registration update
12/12/05 Charity Law Reform
04/07/05 Charity Law Reform
Consultation on charity guidance
13/01/20 HMRC: company-provided living accommodation
05/12/19 Buildings and construction (VAT Notice 708)
30/10/19 Making Tax Digital: more time to comply with digital links requirements
16/10/19 Making Tax Digital: update
23/09/19 HMRC: updates for employers
13/08/19 HMRC: updates to Gift Aid Donor Benefits guidance
13/08/19 HMRC: Welsh income tax
19/07/19 Making Tax Digital update: preparing for your first MTD VAT return
18/07/19 Simplification of VAT Partial Exemption and the Capital Goods Scheme: call for evidence
17/07/19 Charity Tax Commission report
11/07/19 Draft Finance Bill 2019-20
06/06/19 HMRC & Charity Commission: Guidance on charities and trading
07/05/19 Making Tax Digital for VAT guidance updated
07/05/19 VAT guidance on income that is a mix of sponsorship and donations
06/04/19 Self-Assessment supplementary forms and notes for 2019 published
03/04/19 Cathedrals, major churches and VAT
13/03/19 Spring Statement 2019
27/02/19 Making Tax Digital (MTD) for charities: update
20/02/19 Employer-provided living accommodation benefit-in-kind rules
12/02/19 Finance Act 2019
29/01/19 Chancellor's Spring Statement
21/01/19 Making Tax Digital for charities: update
15/01/19 Making Tax Digital
14/01/19 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme increase laid before Parliament
14/01/19 Gift Aid claims and Full Forenames
15/11/18 HM Treasury rejects proposal for reduced VAT on repairs to listed buildings
07/11/18 Ministers of religion, business rates and holiday lettings
17/10/18 HMRC: Introduction of Making Tax Digital delayed for some charities
08/10/18 Charities SORP (FRS 102) Update Bulletin
04/10/18 VAT: ten bear traps for the charity sector
03/10/18 HMRC and telephone compliance checks
26/09/18 Autumn Budget
25/09/18 Preparation for Making Tax Digital
25/09/18 VAT and annexes to existing buildings
08/09/18 Class 2 NICs to stay
07/09/18 HM Treasury: call for Budget representations
29/08/18 HMRC: Making Tax Digital
13/07/18 HMRC guidance on Making Tax Digital for VAT
10/05/18 Taxable benefits in kind
27/04/18 OTS Inheritance Tax Review
06/04/18 Income tax: self-assessment for ministers of religion
15/03/18 Charity Tax Commission call for evidence
13/03/18 Spring Statement 2018
04/03/18 Tax treatment of payments in lieu of notice
08/12/17 Welsh tax devolution
06/12/17 Spring Statement 2018
22/11/17 Autumn Budget 2017
20/10/17 Trusts Registration Service FAQs
27/09/17 Tax software for SA10M
25/09/17 Gift Aid and community buildings
12/09/17 Autumn Budget
13/07/17 New Making Tax Digital timeline
06/07/17 Gift Aid intermediaries guidance published
04/05/17 Decision given in Brockenhurst College VAT case
03/05/17 VAT on e-publications
06/04/17 Tax changes from 6 April 2017
06/04/17 Minister of religion tax form for 2017
30/03/17 Tax software for SA10M
15/03/17 Government u-turn on rise in self-employed NICs
08/03/17 SPRING BUDGET 2017
07/03/17 OTS VAT review - interim report
21/02/17 The Information Commissioner and the Data Protection Act 1998
19/02/17 Payroll rates and thresholds for 2017-18
15/02/17 Gift Aid: have your donors paid enough tax?
30/01/17 Holding companies and management fees
30/01/17 Making Tax Digital: the Government's response
18/01/17 Charities and Insurance Premium Tax increase
21/12/16 Spring Budget
13/12/16 OTS review of VAT
12/12/16 Small Charitable Donations
05/12/16 Insurance Premium Tax rise
30/11/16 Making Tax Digital - potential exemption
23/11/16 AUTUMN STATEMENT 2016
15/11/16 Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill
14/11/16 Income Tax and NICs
08/11/16 Charity advertising and VAT
14/09/16 Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill 2016-17
08/09/16 The Chancellor will make his Autumn Statement on 23 November
28/07/16 Ministerial responsibilities
22/06/16 Finance Bill 2016-17: clause on taxable benefits-in-kind
06/06/16 Common Reporting Standard charity guidance
18/05/16 QUEEN'S SPEECH 2016
06/04/16 Changes for the new tax year
16/03/16 BUDGET 2016
08/03/16 Reimbursement of accommodation heating & lighting expenses
04/03/16 New model Gift Aid declaration
18/02/16 Gift Aid Donor Benefits Rules
01/02/16 Self-Assessment: Ministers of Religion pages
27/01/16 Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge
22/01/16 Updated notes to Self Assessment: Ministers of Religion pages
14/01/16 Gift Aid Donations: using up stocks of printed materials
28/12/15 Consultation on higher rates of SDLT
15/12/15 Making Tax Digital
11/12/15 National Insurance Contributions: abolition of Class 2 NICs
09/12/15 Employer-provided living accommodation
09/12/15 Tax treatment of employer-provided accommodation
04/12/15 Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill [HL]: call for evidence
03/12/15 Budget 2016
03/12/15 FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
02/12/15 Surveys on alignment of Income tax and NICs
25/11/15 AUTUMN STATEMENT 2015
16/06/15 VAT and investment management fees
09/06/15 VAT on direct mail
06/04/15 New tax measures from 6 April 2015
26/03/15 Benefits-in-kind for ministers of religion
26/03/15 Gift Aid and diverted profits
18/03/15 BUDGET 2015
03/03/15 Office of Tax Simplification project on employment status
20/02/15 Registration opens for new Marriage Allowance
21/01/15 Charity Commission guidance on tax avoidance and charity tax reliefs
10/12/14 Draft Clauses for the Finance Bill 2015: Abolition of £8,500 threshold on benefits-in-kind
10/12/14 Benefits-in-kind
06/11/14 Donations by a company to its parent charity
04/11/14 VAT treatment of "friends" schemes
07/08/14 VAT guidance for charities rewritten
07/08/14 VAT guidance for charities rewritten
30/07/14 Changing the charity definition for tax purposes: the Government’s decision
28/07/14 VAT: Amendments to regulations for online filing of VAT
28/07/14 VAT: Amendments to regulations for online filing of VAT
02/07/14 VAT returns by telephone or paper
22/04/14 Assistance with electronic filling of VAT return: outcome of consultation
19/03/14 Budget 2014
06/03/14 What is a “religion” for the purposes of VAT (or anything else)?
12/02/14 Employee benefits and expenses and the £8,500 de minimis threshold: OTS second report
12/02/14 Employment Allowance: guidance
12/02/14 PAYE Real Time Information: staggered start to introduction of penalties
12/02/14 VAT: buildings that are dwellings used for a relevant residential purpose
27/01/14 Charities and tax: the basics
15/01/14 Value Added Tax (Flat-rate Valuation of Supplies of Fuel for Private Use) Order 2013
14/01/14 European Commission consultation on VAT
20/12/13 VAT: consultation on assistance with electronic filing
05/12/13 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme – mergers
15/07/13 PAYE and Real Time Information – update
24/06/13 PAYE and Real-Time Information: yet another update
15/03/13 NICS and the forthcoming employment allowance
17/07/12 VAT: HMRC guidance on cost-sharing matters
26/06/12 Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme and the Small Charitable Donations Bill
26/06/12 Updated Gift Aid claim form
26/06/12 HMRC VAT Guide
26/06/12 VAT: alterations to listed buildings and the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
26/06/12 VAT: staff hire
30/04/12 VAT: Road Fuel Scale Charges
13/02/12 Tax policy in relation to donations
16/01/12 VAT on postal services
13/12/11 Energy supplies, reduced rate VAT and the climate change levy
13/12/11 Forthcoming tax changes
13/12/11 VAT Notes No 4 2011
04/11/11 VAT: common errors toolkit
04/11/11 VAT: supply of food
14/09/11 Charitable payments to overseas bodies
20/07/11 VAT: welfare services
17/06/11 Inheritance tax: consultation
17/06/11 HMRC VAT notes
17/06/11 VAT: admission to events
06/05/11 Company Tax Returns and related payments
06/05/11 Employer Supported Childcare
06/05/11 Expenses and benefits: reporting for PAYE
06/05/11 Extra-Statutory Concessions: fundraising events
06/05/11 Income tax: late filing and late payment penalties
06/05/11 PAYE: changes to Employer Annual Returns and late filing/late payment rules
06/05/11 Surface water drainage charges: update
04/04/11 VAT Notes 1/2011
24/03/11 BUDGET 2011
24/03/11 Basic PAYE tools
24/03/11 Class 1A NICs refunds of potential overpayments
24/03/11 Corporation tax: online filing
24/03/11 Income Tax: 'relevant motoring expenditure'
04/02/11 The Charity Tax Map
26/01/11 VAT: simplification of 'change in use' provisions
25/01/11 VAT: option to tax for supplies of land and buildings
10/01/11 PAYE: consultation on real-time information from employers: update
10/01/11 VAT: retail schemes
21/12/10 Office of Tax Simplification review of tax reliefs: interim report
21/12/10 Select committee inquiry on tax policy
21/12/10 VAT changes in January 2011
07/12/10 VAT: two consultations on building development and the ‘option to tax’
06/12/10 PAYE: consultation on real-time information from employers
06/12/10 VAT: Commission Green Paper
06/12/10 VAT: joint employment and contracted services
18/11/10 Tax returns for smaller charities
17/09/10 Compliance checks factsheets
17/09/10 New employees and tax
17/09/10 VAT: increase in standard rate
30/07/10 Tax policy consultation
23/07/10 Budget June 2010
19/07/10 Tax consultations
19/07/10 Fit and proper persons test
25/06/10 Tax exemptions for charities
25/06/10 Tax: penalties for failure to notify
25/06/10 VAT: application of zero rate to new charitable buildings
22/06/10 Budget 2010 (No. 2)
08/06/10 PAYE: on-line filing software
08/06/10 Tax agents and deliberate wrongdoing
17/05/10 Council tax discount
17/05/10 Charity registration and HMRC
23/04/10 VAT: land and buildings option to tax
23/04/10 VAT: postal services
16/04/10 Finance Act 2010
16/04/10 VAT: land and buildings option to tax
16/04/10 VAT: listed places of worship
09/03/10 Capital gains tax consultation
09/03/10 Social Security contributions
17/02/10 Extra-statutory concessions
17/02/10 PAYE: on-line filing
17/02/10 PAYE: late payment penalties
02/02/10 HMRC bank accounts
02/02/10 VAT repayment returns and repayment supplement
17/12/09 Pre-Budget Report 2009
17/12/09 Anti-avoidance: gifts of qualifying investments to charities
17/12/09 Extra-Statutory Concessions: trading activities
17/12/09 Substantial donors
19/11/09 2009-10 Employer Annual Returns
19/11/09 Extra-Statutory Concessions
05/11/09 VAT: postal services
11/09/09 VAT: employment of charity workers and taxable supplies
11/09/09 VAT: historic claims
11/09/09 VAT: works to listed buildings update
03/08/09 VAT: zero-rating and works to listed buildings
28/07/09 Expenses and benefits
28/07/09 HMRC Employer CD-ROM: update to errors
28/07/09 VAT: option to tax on supplies of land and buildings
23/07/09 Extra-statutory concessions: second technical consultation on draft legislation
23/07/09 VAT claims: three-year cap
23/07/09 VAT: zero-rate on new buildings used for relevant charitable or residential use
13/07/09 Treasury ministerial responsibilities
13/07/09 VAT: guidance on historic claims
13/07/09 VAT: installation and supply of organs from abroad
18/05/09 HMRC bank accounts
01/05/09 VAT: postal services
01/05/09 VAT rates and threshold
22/04/09 Budget 2009
22/04/09 Day subsistence allowance
22/04/09 Late filing
22/04/09 Maternity and adoption leave: non-cash benefits
24/03/09 Withholding tax: reclaims on EU investment income
11/03/09 VAT: ECOFIN agreement on reduced rates
06/03/09 Charities, money-laundering and tax evasion: OECD report
23/02/09 Budget 2009
23/02/09 Corporation tax
23/02/09 HMRC compliance checks
23/02/09 PAYE podcast
26/01/09 Interest rate on beneficial loans
26/01/09 VAT: paper returns
26/01/09 VAT: reduced rates
14/01/09 Substantial donor rules
21/11/08 Avoidance schemes disclosure
21/11/08 Extra-statutory concessions: consultation
21/11/08 VAT: buildings and zero-rate
01/10/08 HMRC Charity Helpline: change of opening hours
11/09/08 Tax advice
22/08/08 Income tax: filing deadlines
22/08/08 Subsistence rates
22/08/08 VAT: treatment of charity challenge events
22/08/08 VAT: fees of professional fundraisers
24/07/08 Finance Act 2008
24/07/08 National Insurance Contributions Act 2008
15/07/08 Mileage allowances
15/07/08 Substantial donors
15/07/08 VAT: Commission proposal on reduced rates
03/07/08 Finance Bill: Gift Aid
03/07/08 Gift aid: claims and returns
15/05/08 Donations in kind
15/05/08 Residents and non-residents: liability to tax in the United Kingdom
02/05/08 Benefits in kind: de minimis
02/05/08 VAT: land and buildings – new Schedule 10 of VAT Act 1994
02/05/08 VAT Notes
02/05/08 VAT: taxable supplies and waiver of exemption
12/03/08 Gift Aid: Government response to the consultation
12/03/08 VAT: withdrawal of staff hire concession
29/02/08 PAYE: filing on line and paying electronically
15/01/08 Employer-Financed Retirement Benefits (Excluded Benefits for Tax Purposes) Regulations 2007
03/09/07 Gambling Act 2005: commencement
03/09/07 VAT: home computers made available by employers
06/08/07 Gift Aid: donor benefit limits
06/08/07 Mileage allowance
04/07/07 VAT on buildings and construction: revised notice
02/04/07 Construction Industry Scheme
12/12/05 VAT and Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
20/11/03 VAT: listed places of worship
25/07/03 Giving income tax refunds to charity
25/07/03 VAT: Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
30/04/02 Council Tax
30/11/00 Income Tax: mortgage relief
21/07/00 VAT on construction: 10% concession for non-business use of charity buildings
Digital by Default and Moving VAT Online: consultations
VAT: charitable buildings
HMRC updates Common Reporting Standard guidance
New guidance for intermediaries processing Gift Aid claims
16/12/19 Welsh local government settlement
05/12/19 National Infrastructure Commission for Wales: call for evidence
04/10/19 Welsh Government: consultation on RE and RSE
23/09/19 Smoking in domestic premises used as places of work
13/08/19 Welsh Government: consultation on development
11/07/19 Extending minimum notice for ‘no fault’ evictions
01/05/19 Consultation: Easy access to listed buildings in Wales
01/01/19 Ecclesiastical Exemption
03/12/18 Law Commission: report on planning law in Wales
23/10/18 Non-domestic rates: outcome of consultation
16/10/18 Ecclesiastical exemption
11/09/18 Chancel repair liability
16/04/18 Ecclesiastical exemption and managing scheduled monuments
05/04/18 Tackling Business Rates avoidance in Wales
16/02/18 Planning framework review
04/10/17 Rates and bands set for new Welsh taxes
15/02/17 Community Infrastructure Levy review: update on implications for Wales
03/02/17 Welsh Revenue Authority
12/07/16 Registering with Rent Smart Wales
12/07/16 Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016
18/04/16 Reforms to death certification
02/02/16 Historic Environment (Wales) Bill: progress
16/01/16 Historic Environment (Wales) Bill
17/12/15 Vulnerable places of worship Strategic Action Plan
02/12/15 New obligation for landlords in Wales to register
26/11/15 Ecclesiastical exemption
20/10/11 Commission on Devolution in Wales
20/10/11 Planning Review Independent Advisory Group
04/04/11 NAW Voluntary Sector Plan – Annual Report
21/12/10 Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2010
21/12/10 Overriding easements and other rights
17/09/10 Standard information requirements for planning applications
30/09/09 Historic Environment
11/09/09 Planning review
22/04/09 Planning applications
10/12/08 Social enterprise funding
17/09/10 Ofwat review
17/09/10 Water: Defra White Paper
23/07/10 Surface water drainage charges consultation
16/04/10 Water-metering
05/11/09 Surface water drainage: update
28/09/09 Surface water drainage: update
04/08/09 Ofwat explanatory leaflet on surface water drainage charges
23/07/09 House of Commons EFRA Committee report
16/07/09 Lobby of Parliament
01/05/09 E-petition
01/05/09 Draft Flood and Water Management Bill
11/03/09 Surface-water drainage charges
06/03/09 Surface-water drainage charges
26/01/09 Ofwat and United Utilities: recent developments
26/01/09 Wales
11/09/08 Water: recent developments
22/08/08 Water: recent developments
15/07/08 Water charges: responses from Ofwat
15/07/08 Recess adjournment debate
03/07/08 Water charges
03/09/07 Water-metering to become an option in areas of water stress
31/03/05 Water charges
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