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The membership of CLAS currently consists of 39 bodies. Most of the major churches in the United Kingdom are members, and many of the smaller ones have links with CLAS through ecumenical groups such as Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Any religious body which is centred in the UK may apply for membership. CLAS operates through an Executive that meets three or four times a year under the Chairmanship of a senior bishop of the Church of England. It is serviced by a part-time secretariat which discharges its day-to-day responsibilities subject to policy control and guidance given by the Governors. Particular areas of concern are dealt with by groups established for the purpose and directly responsible to the Governors.

The expenses of the secretariat are met by contributions, on an agreed basis, from the denominations and organisations in membership.

Associate members

CLAS welcomes the involvement of its Associate members. Find out which organisations are currently in membership of CLAS.


The business of CLAS is conducted by the Governors, who are representatives of full members of CLAS.

Find out who are currently the Governors of CLAS.


CLAS is administered by its Secretary, Frank Cranmer, through Central Lobby Consultants:

Church House
Great Smith Street
Tel: 020 7222 1265
Fax: 020 7222 1250
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